Signal jump- caught on camera – Benglauru

Signal jump- caught on camera – Benglauru

Signal jump is an offence.  If get caught on camera, pay a hefty fine. 

The traffic police in Bengaluru are set to install 5494 bullet and Pan-Tilt Zoom CCTV’s in the city.  These number of cameras are in addition to the already existing 731 cameras already installed in the central business district and other sensitive areas.

Signal jump – a third eye watching:

Unlike days when one could get away, traffic police have adopted technology to curb the menace of offenders. 50-60  people sitting in a plush room in traffic police station keep an eye on every commuter in the city through 170 surveillance cameras.

The entire city has been divided into a number of corridors, with minimum places in each corridor.

Each surveillance camera cost Rs 1 lakh, however, that is not an obstacle for the department. Connectivity is very expensive, Rs 40,000 per quarter for a camera.

The control room is equipped with big LCD screens and a number of small computer monitors for each person to keep a tab on signal jump offenders.

Recording of signal jump violation :

If one is found violating any rule, two pictures of the vehicle are clicked — a close up shot and a long shot with other vehicles in the picture.

The picture is then uploaded on the traffic police website. The next day, the violators vehicle number is matched with the RTO (Road Transport Operator) data. That’s how the address of the offender is found and notices sent.

Apart from surveillance cameras 10 prominent junctions have got Red Light Violation Detectors (RLVD) cameras.  These cameras record violations of signal jump without human interface. 

Work shop :

The traffic police are planning to conduct a work shop for number plate mechanics and sticker vendors.  This workshop will help in educating the vendors about the font size for registration number. 

The drive is because the custom-made small number plates  are not being captured by RLVD cameras.  If the vendors object to the drive, the vendors and number plate mechanics will be prosecuted along with the offenders.

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