Surya Kiran Crash – Aero India 2019

Surya Kiran Crash – Aero India 2019

Surya Kiran aircrafts colluded. 2 of the surya kiran hawks have crashed into each other during a practice session prior to Aero India Show 2019.

The team of Surya kiran has been a eye catch in different aero shows. Recently the team upgraded from Kiran Air craft to Hawk.

The crash took place in the air space near Nitte Meenakshi Engineering College. 2 aircrafts colluded with each other.

The report of one pilot dead is confirmed. He is Wing Commander Sahil Gandhi. He was unable to eject after the collision. Remained in the craft as it went down.


The LCA is the world’s smallest, light weight, multi role combat aircraft. The Tejas has been designed by Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA). The aircraft is an advanced fly by wire fighter aircraft with state of the art avionics. the aircraft structure comprises of a large amount (more than 50%) of composites.

45 squadron ‘Flying Daggers’ is the first squadron of the IAF to be equipped with LCA. The aircraft is capable of carrying BVR missiles, precision guided bombs and EW pods.

Tejas Specifications :

Role : Single jet engine, light flight

Country of Origin : India

Manufacturer : HAL

First flight : 4th Jan. 2001

Induction : 17th Jan 2015

Max. speed : 2205 km/h

Combat radius : 500 Km

Service ceiling : 16 km.

Pay load : 3500 Kg.

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    Update: One of the two pilots is believed to be grievously injured. Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman is in Bengaluru and is rushing to the Yellahanka airbase. Two, not one, civilians are injured in the crash.

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