Times of India Newspaper – What a shame

Times of India Newspaper – What a shame

Times of India – Newspaper edition on 15th Feb. 2019, the day after Pulwama Attack had a heading “Government blames Pakistan after local youth rams CRPF convey with IED-Packed SUV in worst ever Jammu and Kashmir terror strike”.

Everybody who read the headlines early in the morning were shocked whether it is an Indian edition of Times of India or a Pakistan Newspaper.

Print media – Times of India :

Print media is important for all. Daily, weekly and monthly newspapers are known as print media. This type of media is to keep people updated from latest news such as political, economic and sports.

Print Media is a revolutionary evolution that has buried the gap of communication with the aid of tangible printed assets like as newspaper, magazines, letters etc. among various targeted groups of people so that the hierarchy of information would never gets broken down due to slacking conversation.

No medium can be at the importance of newspaper. But the moment they let it influence them, negative consequences start to surface.

General opinion about Times of India after Pulwama attack:

People in India are angry and raged.  What a shame when the proof is in front of the face.  The JeM has claimed for the killings and here is an editor who thinks it is a local youth attack on our brave hearts.

Some have come out and spoken that ‘this is how a paid media works.  Looks like either the editor is incompetent or has been told to do so’.  Some people suggested that from now onwards the name of the paper should be ‘Times of Pakistan’ instead of ‘Times of India’.

During a time like this the insensitive comments on front page on terrorist attack is intolerable.  When the whole country is showing solidarity, here is a national newspaper Times of India which wants to confuse and divert the minds of people.

Conclusion :

One of the regular reader of Times of India newspaper commented that he did not expect the newspaper to stoop so low to write such nasty and false pro Pakistan and anti India headlines. “the Times of India newspaper called a terrorist a local youth!  How disgusting?  This looks like a new law of paid journalism”.

A few frustrated readers reaction in snapshots :

Times of India apologized for publishing the headline but not to the extent of satisfying the readers.

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