Violation of Traffic Rules – cost heavier

Violation of Traffic Rules – cost heavier

Violation of Traffic Rules – has become very expensive.  According to the new traffic rules of the Motor Vehicles Act Amendment Bill, violation of traffic rules attracts a minimum of Rs.1,000/- fine and a maximum of Rs.1,00,000/- lakh.

The other traffic violations inviting heavy fines are:

Not giving way to Ambulance attracts Rs.10,000/-

Traffic violations now attracts a penalty of Rs.500/- in place of Rs.100/0 and disobedience of order of authorities will attract a minimum penalty of Rs.2000/- in place of Rs.500/-

A Minor/Juvenile driving vehicle attracts a fine of Rs.25,000/- (case will be filed against parent or guardian) Registration of the vehicle will be cancelled.

Overloading of Vehicles or goods vehicle exceeding the load limit will be fined Rs.20,000/-

Fast/Rash/ over-speed driving attracts a fine of  Rs.1,000/- to Rs,2,000/-

Driving without wearing Seat Belt and Helmet attracts a fine of Rs.1,000/0 and suspension of Driving Licence for 3 months.

Driving without Insurance attracts a fine of Rs.2,000/-

The driving training process has been strengthened under the proposed law. To help road accident victims, Good Samaritans guidelines are incorporated in the bill.

New traffic rules implementation at Bengaluru :

  • Using mobile phone while riding/driving attracts Rs.1,000/- from 28th June 2019. previously Rs.100/- was fined.
  • Penalty for parking in non-designated places, over-speeding and riding/driving vehicles without insurance Rs.1,000/-
  • Driving Motor Vehicles without registration, the fine will be Rs.5,000/- for the 1st time and Rs.5,000/- for the second and subsequent offences.
  • Driving Vehicles without Fitness Certificate (FC) attracts Rs.2,000/- fine 1st time and Rs.5,000/- for he second and subsequent offences.
  • Non-parking offence attracts Rs.1,000/0 instead of Rs.100/- This fine excludes towing charges.
  • Penalty for 2 wheelers including towing charges – Rs.1650/- and penalty for 4 wheelers including towing charges will be around Rs.2,000/-

Traffic offences fine highlights :

Exceeding speed limit :

Earlier – Rs.300/- Revised – Rs.1,000/- if driven by self and

Rs. 500/- if driven by employee/driver

Driving without insurance :

Earlier – Rs.500/- Revised – Rs.1,000/-

Driving dangerously/suing mobile while driving/carrying goods with load projection of either side in dangerous manner

Earlier – Two wheelers Rs.300/- Non-Transport Rs.400/- and Transport Rs.500/-

Revised – Rs.1,000/- first offence and Rs.2,000/- subsequent offence.

Driving vehicle without registration :

Earlier – Rs.1,500/- for first offence and Rs.3,000/- for 2nd offence

Revised – Rs.5,000/- for first offence and Rs.10,000/- for second offence

Driving vehicle without fitness certificate :

Earlier :

Auto  Rs. 500/- first offence and Rs.1,000 second offence

Maxi cab Rs.1,000/- 1st offence and Rs.2,000/- 2nd offence

Goods Rs.1,500/- 1st offence and Rs.3,000/- 2nd offence

Buses Rs.2,000/- 1st offence and Rs.4,000/- 2nd offence

Others Rs.1,000/- 1st offence and Rs.2,000/- 2nd offence

Revised : Rs.2,000/- for first offence and Rs.5,000/- for subsequent offence

Stage Carriage Conductors :

Earlier Failing to accept fare  Rs.100/-

Fails or refuses to supply ticket Rs.100/-

Invalid ticket Rs.100/-

Providing ticket or lesser value Rs.100/-

Failing to check pass/ticket Rs.100/-

Revised to Rs.500/-

Reaction of Bengaluru citizens :

Motorists int he city are not happy with the change in penalty rates. they are furious over the hike in no-parking fine as there are no spaces for parking in Bengaluru. the traffic police have not put the no-parking boards at many places but when parked in theses places collect fines blatantly.

The traffic police in Bengaluru are launching a special drive from 28th June 2019 to create awareness among riders/drivers about the recent increased fines.

Be a responsible citizen, drive carefully.

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