Wildtrails – Spot animals with app. help

Wildtrails – Spot animals with app. help

Wildtrails – Spot animals during safaris with the help of app.  The CEO of ‘Wildtrails’, Mr. Manjunath Gowda sees a 20% increase in wildlife tourism among Bangaloreans.

Spot animals – Wildtrails :

Love for adventure is increasing.  More Indians are now choosing for vacations in and around the country.  Some choose locations to relax and take a break from fast life, others want to see new things, meet new people. 

There is another group who wants to have an ravenous thirst for adventure.   No matter where one enjoys vacation, coming back with memorable photographs is a must.  But when it comes to wildlife safaris, people enter the forest reserves with high hopes of spotting wild animals.  But often gets disappointed by not having seen none.

To solve this problem, Wildtrails – a smart-phone application gives details of sightings of all species of wild animals across most of the top national parks and reserves in India. 

Wildtrails App :

This app gives complete details of sightings of all species through data mining. After data analytics on these sightings,  they come up with a Sighting Index metric which can predict.  The predictions will be on what are the chances of sighting a particular species in a given sanctuary, for a given zone, during a given time period.

This process will greatly enhance one’s sighting probability. The app. also reveals where and how recently wild animals were spotted in various parks in India.

Manjunath Gowda, CEO – Wildtrails :

Manjunath Gowda launched the app. two years ago.  He is the CEO of Information Applications.  According to him, the app. is now used by enthusiasts in Bengaluru and around the world.

Manjunath Gowda, CEO of Wildtrail

According to him, “In the last 5 years, there is a 20% increase in wildlife tourism among Bengalureans.  People from 35 to 60 love going for trips and activities connected to wildlife”.

Areas covered in Wiltrails app :

Details of 600 sanctuaries and forests in the country are listed on the wildtrails app.  1650 sanctuaries across the world are covered.  This includes spots of China, North and South America, areas in Africa and Europe.

Forests and sanctuaries covered  around Bengaluru includes Nagerhole, Kabini, Bandipur, Dandeli, Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, BR Hills, Badra hills.

wildlife safari

The application is available on iOS and Android or link :  www.wildtrails.in

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