NGO’s – Find job for disabled

NGO’s – Find job for disabled

NGO’s in Bengaluru are finding jobs for people with disability.  Many groups in the city are doing their bit of service. This includes bridging the gap between employers and potential employees.

Employment is a critical element of independent living and it is a primary aspiration of people with disabilities in India too. Every Citizen in country needs to bring something to the economy and has an equal right to live with dignity. Some of the NGO’s are helping to achieve this.

Contribution of NGO’s

NGO’s design and conduct workshops to sensitize the employers and workforce to include, employ and effectively communicate with persons of disability.

The organisations offer training courses in hospitality, BPO and in retail sector.  They offer certificate courses in rehabilitation therapy, care-giving and sign language.  NGO’s also offer diploma courses in office management and banking.

These NGO’s work by attempting to change the mindsets and preconceived notions of employers towards disability. The organisation helps school and college dropouts.  They also help disable people at village panchayat, taluk and district.

Often parents are worried.  Some are not aware of the NGO’s helping the needy.  Some parents neglect children with disability.  This affects the self confidence of the person with disability.

Samarthanam –  NGO at Bengaluru




Founded in 1997, it is an NGO working towards facilitating opportunities to enable persons with disabilities.  This also includes the under-served to keep pace with the rest of the society.  They provide quality education, accommodation, nutritious food, vocational training and placement based rehabilitation. The organization is affiliated to the World Blind Union and received Special UN Consultative Status in 2015.

This NGO provides a three months program for those looking out for jobs.  They provide computer training and training for the BPO and retail sector.

Samarthanam’s Rural BPO – ‘Kirana’ – went live in 2011. The BPO was launched in association with the state-run Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Services (KBITS). The center provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities and rural youth.

A lot of companies now welcome disable people and reserve 2% of their jobs quota for them.

An NGO – Ability in Disability


This NGO train unskilled People with disabilities at their units on Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic assemblies and make them skilled employees.  They train  disabled people for assembling and packing jobs.

The employees are from the weaker sections.  In some of their centres they employ from the slums.  Work assigned will be simple in nature but have to ensure quality of standards.  The work is outsourced by Indo-MIN, Bosch etc.

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