Atal Bihari Vajpayee:

Atal Bihari Vajpayee:

What a great Statesman.  He was the first head of Government from outside the Congress party to serve a full 5 years term, as a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).   India has lost a great son.  He was loved and respected by millions.  He lived for the nation and served it for decades.  He was a great personality, a steadfast and a universally accepted leader.  The void left behind will remain forever.  He was known for his unique oratory style, poetic vein and a great statesman.

Aided by an inherent charisma, Vajpayee collected friends and admirers, many for life as he progressed through a career largely spent in the opposition.  He was loyal to those whose affection he commanded.  An instinctive reformer, he backed privatization and promoted de-regulation.  He deepened economic reforms and expanding India’s foreign policy with US and Russia and made terrorism the focus of relations with Pakistan.

He was quite adventurous when it came to trying out new dishes and generous in his compliments.

The 8 decisive moments he took as the PM of India :

  1. Pokhran 2 (1998) – carrying out nuclear tests
  2. Operation Vijay (June-July 1999) – Kargil war
  3. Ride to Lahore (1999) – Direct bus between India and Pakistan
  4. Hijacking of IC-814 (1991) – hijack at Kandahar – release of terrorists
  5. Agra Summit (July 2001) – discussion of nuclear arsenals between India and Pakistan
  6. Gujarat riots (2002) – Non-dismissal of Narendra Modi as CM of Gujarat
  7. Parliament Attack(2001) – Demobilization by Musharaff Government
  8. Composite Dialogue (2004) – Meeting Musharaff on the sidelines of SAARC summit.

Vajpayee made his mark as a leader of substance who would use a turn of phrase or a pause to speak volumes.

Our salute and respect to one of the greatest leaders of India. An interesting comment I saw today on the topic of the passing of Atal Vajpayee ji RIP (Return if possible) Sir.

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