Cabinet Expansion – Karnataka State

The Cabinet expansion and reshuffling is taking place in Karnataka on 22nd December 2018.

To contain the boiling dissatisfaction within the party over cabinet expansion, the Congress-JD(S) coalition government will be expanding on 22nd  December 2018.

Coalition Government

The Congress legislation party (CLP) met at Suvarna Soudha.  The winter session of Karnataka State is underway in Belagavi.  Many legislators raised issues concerning the developmental work progressing in a slow pace.

Cabinet expansion and reshuffle:

Many projects are taking a back seat under the coalition government.  According to congress sources it will be both cabinet expansion and reshuffle.  According to an agreement reached between the 2 parties at he time of formation of the coalition government, there are 6 vacant ministerial positions left for congress and 2 for JD(S).

Karnataka Government Cabinet

The cabinet expansion on 22nd December will be the 2nd expansion of the coalition government.  The Chief Minister at present is heading a 26 member cabinet.  Along with the cabinet expansion, the congress party will be filling up of MLA’s as heads to various boards and corporations.  Their appointment will be as Parliamentary Secretaries to Ministers.

North Karnataka not happy 

Many MLA’s from north Karnataka strongly opposed about the lesser representation of legislators from their region in the cabinet.  41 MLA’s represent North Karnataka.  Only 5 are accommodated in the cabinet.  Out of 36 MLA’s belonging to Southern Karnataka, 11 MLA’s are having a plum post.

Recently Ramalinga Reddy of BTM layout Constituency openly expressed his unhappiness over the cabinet expansion.  Leaders and former ministers were to given berths during the 1st cabinet expansion. 

The senior MLA’s who missed the posts are Ramalinga Reddy, M.B.Patil, Satish Jarkoholi, Ramesh Jarkiholi, Roshan Baig and S.R.Patil.  All these leaders have expressed their unhappiness for denying cabinet positions.

Cabinet Expansion – 2nd round

The 2nd round of cabinet expansion has been postponed many times since 1st round of cabinet expansion in June mentioning different reasons.  The reasons including local body elections, by polls and of course inauspicious times.

Lobbying for Ministerial berth

Ahead of the cabinet expansion, many legislators are lobbying for inclusion in the ministerial berth.  Some of the senior leaders have urged Mr. Siddaramaiah to recommend them to the party high command for the vacant 6 cabinet posts.

Sharing by the Coalition government – cabinet expansion

Out of 34 member ministry, the congress party made 15 of its 80 legislators cabinet ministers.  The JD(S) made 9 out of 11 posts as its quota. 

As per the sharing quota congress is entitled to 20 out of the 30 State run boards and corporations and JD(S)  balance 10 posts to the statutory bodies. 

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