Karnataka crisis – 2 MLA’s withdraw support

Karnataka crisis is continuing.  The 2 independent MLA’s supporting the coalition government on 15.01.2019 withdrew support.

Congress, JD(S), BJP heading for showdown – Karnataka crisis deepens

Both congress and the BJP are accusing each other of luring away each others legislators in this Karnataka crisis.  Chief Minister in a press meet said that his government is safe and there is no threat.

Karnataka crisis – support withdrawal :

The withdrawal of support of 2 MLA’s is unlikely to disturb the congress-JDS alliance.  Karnataka crisis takes worse scenario when 11 MLA’s from the ruling group resign to reduce the coalition to a minority government.

Independent MLA Shankar.R.

Two independent MLA’s R. Shankar from Ranebennur and H. Nagesh from Mulbagal released letters addressing the governor stating their withdrawal.   They are yet to meet the governor formally.

H.Nagesh – Independent MLA

The resignation comes at a time when there is speculation on the BJP.  The speculation is that the BJP is attempting to get congress MLA’s to resign to reduce coalition numbers thus creating Karnataka crisis.

Karnataka Crisis –  Coalition members (MLA’s):

The coalition government has 80 congress MLA’s and 37 JD(S) MLA’s.  The halfway mark of 113 No. is met with this coalition.  The BJP has 104 MLA’s.  There are 2 independent MLA’s and one BSP MLA.

Speculation is that atleast 7 Congress MLA’s who are unhappy after not being made ministers might withdraw support.

The independent MLA’s were reported to be with 5 Congress MLA’s.  Umesh Jadhav, MLA from Chincholi, who wanted to become a minister has been spotted in Delhi.

Karnataka Crisis- Highlights :

  • 2 MLA’s are believed to be inside a Mumbai hotel
  • 2 MLA’s withdrew their support “with immediate effect”.
  • Karnataka Chief Minister said that he is totally relaxed.  He stated that his government is stable.

According to the Independent MLA H. Nagesh, there is no understanding between the 2 coalition partners.  According to him some of the senior leaders are also willing to come out off the coalition government.

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