Neutral voters – social media – General elections 2019

Neutral voters are being wooed by the political parties using social media.  Congress party targets BJP turf social media in the coming General elections 2019

Use of social media to woo Neutral voters

Chasing of voters has begun.  The political parties are targeting neutral voters with the help of voter intelligence software.  The parties are planning to tap every voter thru automated phone calls, text messages and WhatsApp messages.

Congress party to target Neutral voters :

Congress party wants to modify its social media cell after getting reports on its internal analysis.  The social medial cell is not doing much to tap the neutral voters on social media where the BJP is ahead.

The congress party has 8600 WhatsApp groups.  This covers approximately 40 in 224 constituencies. 

The parties content is being pushed to reach neutral voters thro social media.  The congress party is presently putting in place a structure for its social media operations that did not exist before.

Facebook and Twitter are s the top performers for the Congress party in the state to reach voters and neutral voters. 

BJP’s claim on social media :

The BJP party claims to have 15000 WhatsApp groups in Karnataka.  The party is expecting to increase the number to around 25000 groups.   The political party claims to have formed groups by BJP supporters where the party is not involved.

BJP Karnataka Social media cell convenor claims that the party’s content is great.   That is the reason why it is reaching a lot of people.

Social media to target neutral voters :

Social media has become a new age battlefield.  It has transformed the picture of Indian politics.  The present day are the days of tweet and hashtag wars. 

Targeting Neutral voters thru social media

Social media has transformed the way political parties connect and reach to the voters and neutral voters.  It is not a campaign tool but a platform for free expression. 

In Karnataka most of the parties have their own IT cells. 

Twitter is to set the political agenda, WhatsApp to act as a distributional channel and facebook helps disseminate information.

Campaign by parties – Neutral voters :

Most political campaigns are driven by data about target groups, voters and neutral voters.  Approximately 40% of the registered voters in India are online users.  The number is growing fast.

Conclusion :

Political parties see in investing in social media as a long term investment.  It is not only a strategy during elections but also help make opinions.

However, this raises an important question of where parties and startups are getting their database from. Especially with questions on data privacy raised in the backdrop of the Cambridge  Analytica scandal. 

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