Ramalinga Reddy breaks silence

Ramalinga Reddy breaks the silence about Congress party’s adoption of “pick-and-choose” policy.

Ramalinga reddy not happy

Ramalinga Reddy breaks the silence.  He is not happy with the Congress party.  A disagreement has exploded in the Indian National Congress party as the Senior Party Leader Ramalinga Reddy expressed his displeasure.   He accused the INC of adopting a pock and choose policy.  Reddy blamed the party of sidelining the senior members.

Who is Ramalinga Reddy?

Ramalinga Reddy is an Indian politician and seven-time member of the Legislative Assembly from Bengaluru.  He represented Jayanagar constituency four times and BTM Constituency three times.

Reddy has been the pillar of Karnataka politics and has contributed to the State’s progress for over 40 years. He has dedicated most part of his life for the service of the people of Karnataka. He is an accessible, simple, humble, trusted, accountable and experienced leader.

He is available at his home office at Lakkasandra every day from 8:00 am where he listens to the problems of the people patiently and ensures that their problems are solved as soon as possible. He has always supported cultural programs and festival celebrations in his constituency.

Reddy has held vital cabinet portfolios in the past such as Transport, Bengaluru development, Education, and Food & Civil Supplies. He is currently the Home minister for the state of Karnataka. He has brought in transformation and major improvements in the departments he has handled, thereby improving the quality of life of citizens.

Breaking silence by Ramalinga Reddy

Reddy is not happy with the Coalition Government.  He is of the opinion that the appointment of ministers is on case-basis and not on basis of seniority.  Only a few seniors are in the cabinet.  Rest of the senior party members are being left out.

Ramalinga Reddy, Karnataka’s former home minister has hit out at his own party for ignoring senior leaders. After the announcement by the Coalition Coordination and Monitoring Committee that the Cabinet is going to be expanded following the end of Belagavi session on 22 December, Ramalinga Reddy addressed the media slamming the party for not giving him a Cabinet berth.

No cabinet expansion –

According to Ramalinga Reddy, Cabinet expansion is not taking place on December 22 as there is too much of dissidence within the party.

According to Congress Legislator J.N.Ganesh, some of the Congress party members want Siddaramaiah to become the Chief Minister.

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