Elevate Corridors at the cost of Rs.15,825 crore, Karnataka Budget July 2018


  • Rama Murthy

    By Rama Murthy


    Like any cother city in India, Bangalore is not planned and 90% of roads r narrow.
    One or 2 fly overs may benefit.Where is the money??May be time to plan outside Bangalore
    Say satellite towns.

  • Santy

    By Santy


    Train is better in this busy world

  • KG Mohan

    By KG Mohan


    Bengaluru lacks basics in traffic management:
    1. Free left turns
    2. Traffic lights 20 feet from Zebra crossing
    3. No unnecessary u-turns
    4. Service road chaos (Ecospace)
    5. Criss crossing lanes (KR Puram)
    6. Woefully understaffed traffic police force

  • Ravi Venkatesh

    By Ravi Venkatesh


    With the emergence of cheap private/public transport in the form of EV technology within the next 5/10 years, it’s time to prempt and expand into the surrounding hinterland and decongest the city in the form of self-contained satellite towns upto 50 Km. around Bangalore.
    2018 is a watershed year of how we live in a quality in the next 20 years with connectivity infrastructure with this huge amount of resource.

  • Ravi Venkatesh

    By Ravi Venkatesh


    Better to streamline our traffic system and abolish / introduce a strict paypark system by eliminating haphazard parking by introducing multilevel automated parking facilities. Then our roads will be adequate to handle the present load with minimal cost.

  • Sharad Narayan

    By Sharad Narayan


    Some things to prioritise on, instead of embarking on new infrastructure projects

    1. Focus on getting the metro completed and running at full capacity
    2. Work on fixing last-mile connectivity.
    3. Work on legislature and policy which will limit the use of 4-wheelers on streets
    4. A strong policy to prioritise the use of public transport and strengthen infrastructure for pedestrians and non motorised vehicle users
    5. Better maintenance of current infrastructure
    6. Transport planning to control vehicular movement largely
    7. Projects similar to TenderSURE to ensure infrastructure maintenance does not come at the cost it presently exacts
    8. Push to have more structured public area development to restrict rampant deforestation.

  • D Prasad

    By D Prasad


    Whether you accept or not Bangalore is grown with lot of congestion. It is better to develop corridors like NICE with countermagnet township. The CBD area should be connected with metro.

  • Suresh

    By Suresh


    We need to interconnect the existing railway stations. There are so many local stations which we can reuse and built the excellent transport network with much lesser cost than this.

    With the remaining money we can repair and cover the roads and potholes properly.

    Elevated metro is just a waste of public money. It is only for bureaucrats, politicians and contractors who just want to swindle the money.

    I am scared to imagine the maintenance of these elevated or metro stations. It really costs huge money than compared to local stations.

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