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Runners360 is a Running, Wellness, and Lifestyle program to enable people of every class, and age hop on a healthy and fitter lifestyle through conscious choices.

We believe the approach to fitness and health should be sustainable, lifetime, and eco-friendly leaving minimum or no carbon foot print. This is possible when you integrate exercises that come naturally to Human Beings; Walking, Running, Breathing, and Yoga in addition to paying attention to what we eat and consume. The program is driven through group sessions, personal training, workshops, and virtual/online coaching.

Runners360 is an initiative of Coach Shreyas
( through which he provides Running Coaching, Weight-Loss, and Get Fit Programs virtually (online), through group sessions, and personal training.

The intent of Runners360 is to enable people take up sustainable modes of fitness through walking, jogging or running and compliment it with Yoga, Mindful Living, and Right Nutrition towards a fulfilling, healthy, and pain-free life.

More about Coach Shreyas, your lifestyle, wellness & running coach

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Launching Runners360 Jayanagar September 16 Onwards

Venue :

Kitturu Rani Chennamma Sports Stadium, Near Madhavan Park Jayanagar, Bangalore

Date :

16th September, Sunday

For more details on the Program, Fees, and Sign-up call:
Coach Shreyas:8971233394
Coach Arun :9886412984

Write to :

Runners 360 Jaynagar


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Our Team

Shreyas Karnad

Shreyas Karnad

Fitness Expert
Arun Mahendra Kumar

Arun Mahendra Kumar

Fitness Instructor

MyCountry Runners

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  • Anil

    By Anil



    This is Anil writing to you from Bangalore. I’m a seasoned runner and practice running regularly along with some S&C workouts. I’m currently a half marathoner with my personal best timing of 1:57.

    I want to focus on completing a full marathon with a strong finish. Looking to get in touch with your team doe suitable and structured marathon training programs.

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