3rd Test – Ind vs Eng

3rd Test – Ind vs Eng

Before Ind walks into to BAT, We hope Ind will pull out the 3rd Test with a WIN or with a draw.

Openers should do the trick, Virat’s 38th Test match and never played same 11 in 2 continuous matches.

definitely, all 11 facing the HEAT of Eng, Hope they get through, its Mind vs Game.

Good start, 280+ would be a good score to lead in the 1st innings

3rd test: Rishabh Pant 1st Test, Hope he can replace the hunt for a Wicket Keeper for Ind and give rest to the Selector’s excuses.

for Eng, they might want to lead 3-0 but would they take RISK or just play the usual game?

Indian selector will address the challenges how players facing while they play overseas, especially the pitch and the selection of the best 11.

Come on guys, you can do it better.

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