Bangalore united Football club (BUFC) – Bengaluru

Bangalore united Football club (BUFC) – Bengaluru

Bangalore United Football Club was established in 1940 having headquarters at Bengaluru.   The vision is the development of football in Bengaluru with a keen interest in Women Football.

Women’s Football :

Women’s football  is the most prominent team sport  played by women around the globe. It is played at the professional level  in numerous countries throughout the world and 176 national teams participate internationally.

The history of women’s football has seen major competitions being launched at both the national and international and  levels. Women’s football has faced many struggles throughout its history. Although its first golden age occurred in the United Kingdom in the early 1920s, when one match achieved over 50,000 spectators.

The Football Association initiated a ban in 1921 that disallowed women’s football games from the grounds used by its member clubs. The ban stayed in effect until July 1971.

Early women’s football :

Women may have been playing “football”  for as long as the game has existed. Evidence shows that an ancient version of the game (Tsu Chu) was played by women during the Han Dynasty (25–220 CE). Two female figures are depicted in Han Dynasty (25–220 CE) frescoes, playing Tsu Chu.

There are, however, a number of opinions about the accuracy of dates, the earliest estimates at 5000 BCE.  Reports of an annual match being played in Scotland are reported as early as the 1790s.

The first match recorded by the Scottish Football Association took place in 1892 in Glasgow. In England, the first recorded game of football between women took place in 1895.

Popularity of Women’s Football :

Women’s football became popular on a large scale at the time of the First World War,  when employment in heavy industry spurred the growth of the game, much as it had done for men fifty years earlier.

A team from England played a team from Ireland on Boxing Day 1917 in front of a crowd of 20,000 spectators.  The most successful team of the era was Dick, Kerr’s Ladies of Preston, England.

The team played in the first women’s international matches in 1920, against a team from Paris, France, in April, and also made up most of the England team against a Scottish Ladies XI in 1920, winning 22-0.

Despite being more popular than some men’s football events (one match saw a 53,000 strong crowd), women’s football in England suffered a blow in 1921 when The Football outlawed the playing of the game on Association members’ pitches, on the grounds that the game (as played by women) was distasteful.

Some speculated that this may have also been due to envy of the large crowds.  that women’s matches attracted. This led to the formation of the English Ladies Football Association and play moved to rugby grounds.

Features of Bangalore United Football Club :

The features of Bangalore United Football Club includes :

  • Men’s Team – Currently competing in the Bangalore ‘A’ Division.
  • Women’s Team–Champions of KSFA IMPETUS knockout trophy 2018
  • Champions of Karnataka Super Division football league 2019 and representation from Karnataka   in Indian Women’s League (IWL).
  • Reds United – U19 Youth team. Competing in Bangalore ‘C’ Division.
  • International players to University level players part of BUFC teams.
  • U10/12/14/16 & Senior Men and Women Teams.

History of the club :

Bangalore United Football Club was started in the year 1940, and has the legacy of owning many Internationals who played for the club. The club also has very strong links to its local community and Government schools conducting and managing football for them from years .

The club holds regular Camps for boys and Girls.  The club’s  under 12 years team is the winners of County Cup last season and 2 senior players were recently selected to play for the county.

Many of the  players have represented Karnataka state and Indian National team.  Bangalore United Football club players are trained under qualified Coaches who possess ‘A’ license for coaching from Asian Football Confederation and also by ex-Internationals.

Currently the club are the champion of Impetus Trophy (Aug 2018) organized by Karnataka state Football association.  The BUFC  are the newly crowned CHAMPIONS of KARNATAKA STATE WOMEN’S FOOTBALL LEAGUE which concluded on 27th Feb 2019 and by which are qualified to play INDIAN WOMEN LEAGUE 2019.

Mission of Bangalore United Football club :

Bangalore united Football Club which is a non-profit organization  is serving the youth of the South side of Bengaluru. The main goals are to inspire youth regardless of race, creed or national origin.

To also practice the ideals of sportsmanship, provide scholarships  and overall physical fitness, and most importantly the women Empowerment

Support to Bangalore United Football Club :

Running a Football team of this huge magnitude is expensive.  The club are running the team till now with its own  funds and support from the club’s  well wishers and not all from the families in team can afford the cost.  The club ask for sponsorship support to help women to make their Dream a reality.

The club understands that one have several choices when considering different marketing and community outreach opportunities, but the club  truly believe that this is a great fit. Sponsoring the  team is not only a great way to get involved with the community, it’s also an amazing form.

The team consists 18 players and 5 officials and will play Indian Women’s League matches from 5th of May 2019 at Ludhiana Punjab.

Indian Women’s League 2019 :

The 2018-19 Indian Women’s League will have 14 teams, divided into two groups. The teams will play each other once and the top two teams will compete in the semi-final.

The league starts on May 5th  and The league stage will come to an end on May 18. The semi-finals will be played on May 20 and the final will be on May 22.  All the matches will be played at the Guru Nanak Stadium in Ludhiana.

The teams taking part in the third edition of Indian Women’s League are:

Group A                                                                         Group B

Rising Student’s Club                             Manipur Police Sports Club

Gokulam Kerala                                      Sethu FC

Football Club Alakhpura                       Bangalore United Football Club

Hans Women Football Club                  CRPF Women’s Football Team

Central SSB Women Football Team     SAI-STC Cuttack

Panjim Footballers                                    FC Kolhapur City

Tripura Sports School                             Baroda Football Academy

Third season IWL 2019 :

The third season of the women’s football championship will be played in Ludhiana, Punjab. The third edition of the Indian Women’s League will get underway on May 5 and all the matches will be played at the Guru Nanak Stadium in Ludhiana.                                                                          



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