IPL 2020

Who Will Collect The Rewards at the 2020 IPL?

Cricket has always played a major role in the lives of many Indians. It is the most popular sport in the country and millions of people are keen on watching their favourite teams on TV screens or live every week. They live for the sport and are emotionally connected to it. 

The Indian Premier League is by far the most popular cricket competition and it is the most-attended sport in India. The upcoming season faced some challenges before it even began, but is now on a good track. The competition is fierce and fans are debating who will collect the best awards. We wanted to weigh in on that discussion and lay out our opinion. Let’s begin.

The Best Cricket Team

The competition may be fierce, but our top pick as to who is the best cricket team are the Mumbai Indians. After all, they’ve dominated the competition ever since its inception and are the most crowned team in the IPL. They’ve put a lot of effort in the past period and even though the rest of teams are also looking strong, there is no doubt in our mind that the Mumbai Indians will come out on top. Some people even decided to wager their money online on their favourite team. Online bookies have tremendous bonuses and can reward people quite handsomely. Make sure you check out the live cricket satta rates if you want to place bets online. 

Hyderabad Sunrisers and Chennai Super Kings are also ranked in our shortlist and they have the second and third spot. Although we don’t think that they have what it takes to beat the Mumbai Indians this season, it will be fun to watch them play.

Player of the Series Award

As for the Player of the Series award, there are plenty of candidates that are worth a mention. Jos Buttler, Ravi Ashwin, and David Warner deserve a mention, but our top 2 picks are Andre Russell and Hardik Pandya. 

Hardik is arguably the best all-rounder in the IPL. Last season, he topped his team’s batting averages with 44.66. Furthermore, he plays for the Mumbai Indians and they consider him a key player. If the team manages to win the IPL, he will be considered on the shortlist for the Player of the Series award. 

On the other side, Andre Russell is also a freak of nature. Even though the Kolkata Knight Riders had an indifferent season in 2019, he was his side’s top wicket-taker. Andre is definitely a player to keep an eye out and we do not doubt our minds that he is a top contender when it comes to winning the Player of the Series award.

Things to Know About the 2020 IPL

First of all, you should be aware that the 2020 season will have some changes compared to the one last year. The league’s main sponsor has changed. Vivo and IPL separated after certain tensions

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