Karnataka Athletic Association (KAA) – Vision 2022

Karnataka Athletic Association (KAA) – Vision 2022

Karnataka Athletic Association (KAA) will be starting the process of registering athletes and coaches across the Karnataka State.   This drive is to increase the efficiency of their training and to monitor their progress.

Athletics like any sport is moving ahead in a world experiencing rapid and reasoning, social, economic and technological changes

Novel ideas have confined young and old. It is allowing them to be performance oriented and prospering them towards a sustainable and prospective future.

Karnataka Athletic Association – President Sri. Muthappa Rai:

Karnatkaa Athletic Association President Muthappa Rai

The president of Karnataka Athletic Association, Sri. Muthappa Rai is working to revive the glory of the past in Karnataka Athletics.  KAA has been under his leadership, working towards restricting and integrating strategic development plans.

The main central point being :

  1.  Professionalizing the administration of Karnataka Athletic Association and adopting strategic partnerships to improve development
  2. Revival of Kanteerava stadium for athletes
  3. Identifying the talents across the state of Karnataka and grooming athletes for future athletics in Karnataka.

Achievements of Karnataka Athletic Association :

Karnataka Athletic Association follows policies on good governance.  These policies enables the board, leaders, athletes and district associations to aim and achieve the objectives in most efficient ways.

The governance ensures transparency, reporting and complying with a variety of policies and practices . It is then followed as a condition in the governance and structure.

Vision 2022 – Karnataka Athletic Association :

Karnataka Athletic Association has signed innovative partnership agreements with the Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO) and United States Sports Academy (USSA) (America’s sports university).  This agreement was for continued education providing the framework for Athletic transformation.

Karnataka Athletic Association – Vision 2022 inauguration

The state Athletics body also named former athlete Mr. Elvis Joseph as Chief Executive Officer.

The Karnataka Athletic Association plans to reach out to one thousand schools. The purpose is to recognize, identify and groom potential talents for the future.

Key Points of Vision 2022 of KAA:

The key points includes :

  1.  Good governance
  2. Partnership and resources
  3. Knowledge management and training
  4. Project and development programs
  5. Sustainable financial modules.

The Karnataka Athletic Association is launching the website on March 4th 2019.

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