Runner’s 360 – 3 years of running, training and marathon

Runner’s 360 – 3 years of running, training and marathon

It’s been three years since we kicked Runners360 off in a modest way and to-date we have mentored over 350+ people right from couch to 5 K runners to seasoned runners Running their first Ultra Marathon or their fastest Marathon.

So firstly thank you all.. including the admins of this group who have made this virtual group 20,000+ strong Community.

With time we have evolved and understood that each Runner is unique and needs a bit of special care and now evolved with two modes of training:

  1. General Fitness: This is for Beginners & Novices where you be a part of the group, learn the nuances of the sport with our 5-day / week Sessions at Cubbon Park & Jayanagar to set yourself up for greater possibilities in future. This program will also enable you to build a positive attitude towards life, stay stress free, help manage lifestyle issues … obesity and diabetes for example in addition to which you will gradually build yourself up to Running 10kms or even a half marathon with minimal chances of Injury.
  2. Find Your Potential: This is for Runners who have Run a few races wherein we customize plans, be in constant touch and keep a closer watch on your progress to enable you find your true potential. We also work virtually in this mode and have people train with us across India and Outside India only through word of mouth. Under this program we have enabled 60 people run sub 4 Marathons and 4 sub 3 Marathoners. Commitment, Patience, & Trust is the Key under this program to succeed.

Please note we take limited numbers to ensure our quality is not diluted and the entire program will be overseen by myself along with various trainers.

For more details:
What’s app on: 8971233394

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Author and Runners360 Coach – Shreyas Karnad

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