Sanjana Ramesh gets America’s basketball scholarship

Sanjana Ramesh gets America’s basketball scholarship

The 17-year-old Bengaluru girl Sanjana Ramesh became only the second Indian woman to receive NCCA Division 1 US basketball scholarship with the Northern Arizona University.

Five months after being named the Most Valuable Player in the girl’s division of NBA’s Basketball Without Borders Asia camp in June, hosted by India. Bengaluru girl  Sanjana Ramesh has been rewarded for her performance with a full Division I basketball scholarship. This is under the United States’ National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Sanjana is one of two players picked by the Northern Arizona University to play in the NCAA 2019-’20 season.  She is only the second Indian woman to receive an NCAA Division 1 basketball scholarship, after Kavita Akula in 2017.

Sanjana Ramesh 17, will be an incoming freshman for the 2019-20 season. The Bengaluru player captained the Indian team in the 2017 FIBA U-16 Asia Cup. Averaging 6.5 points and 7 rebounds per game in the tournament, Sanjana helped India win Division ‘B’ and earn promotion to Division ‘A’.

Sanjana’s journey

Sanjana Ramesh caught the eye of college recruiters when she was named the ‘Most Valuable Player’ of the girls‘ division at Basketball Without Borders Asia. The three-day development camp had featured top male and female prospects from Asia. The 12th standard student at Delhi Public School (South)  stated that her game has improved considerably in the last couple of years. “The 2017 under-18 Nationals was the turning point for me. I played well for Karnataka, which gave me great confidence. Before that, I was not part of the starting five.”

Northern Arizona University women’s basketball coach Loree Payne said, “She is an athlete who has international and national experience.  We’re trying to get our foot in the door of the international recruiting scene. So for us, Sanjana is everything we’re looking for.  Her potential is limitless.”

She averaged 6.5 points and 7.0 rebounds per game during the tournament and then proceeded to play for India in the 2018 William Jones Cup held in Taiwan.  Sanjana Ramesh had also participated in The NBA Academies Women’s Program camp in May at The NBA Academy India.

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