Sports compulsory in schools

Sports compulsory in schools

Life has its mental and intellectual component as well as its physical side. The brain without the body is not human life.

With an objective to promote sports in the country, Union Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore said that a games period will be made mandatory in schools after reducing the syllabus by 50 percent by next year. The ministry of education is making is sure that the syllabus in schools by 2019 will be reduced. The Union Minister further mentioned that the sports ministry in planning up several things to make sports more relevant right from the school.

Health and Physical Education, which includes sports, is a compulsory subject from classes 1 to 10.  The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it obligatory for its affiliated schools to have adequate infrastructure for sports.

India is about to have 20 specialized sports schools with a government fund backing of Rs. 7-10 crore each for these schools. The idea is to have a very pointed approach so each school will have only two or three main sports.

Including sports would indeed create qualities as well as other social growth related qualities which are needed for all of the upcoming generations.  It will lead to a much better standard of future generations rather than all the problems of obesity and other health issues being faced today.

Sports help the children to be focused, helps learn team building and leadership skills.  It is a lot easier to learn these skills while playing sports.  It helps in developing relationships with other team-mates and the children will have gained strength and agility which is a major benefit if they want to work somewhere which involves these skills.

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  • Ramesh

    By Ramesh


    its time to compete with Chinese in the field of Medals. its Good for Young generation, career in Sports is reality in our country. Way to go Union Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore

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