Sports Talent – Nagma Rahman Sharieff – Bengaluru

Sports Talent – Nagma Rahman Sharieff – Bengaluru

Sports Talent is difficult to find.  Talent alone will not confirm a success story.  Not when one’s father is struggling to make meet the daily needs meet as an auto driver.

Nagma Rahman Sharieff, a auto driver’s daughter from Bengaluru could be the next pace queen of Indian cricket.

Nagma bowls at 97-100km/hr. Like any other male cricketers, she also wants to bowl at a pace of 130km/hr

Indian Women cricket team  – Sports talent :

Women’s cricket in India hasn’t been the same since Jhulan Goswami did what she did and made the gentleman’s game accessible to pretty much any aspiring young girl.

Nagma Rahman Sharieff, a 16-year-old crickter from humble origins —her father drives an auto for a living — wants to be the next Jhulan Goswami.

Nagma Sharieff  – Sports Talent :

Nagma’s involvement with cricket started when she was 14 —  a precocious girl watching her elder brother Fazulla Sharieff, who is also a cricketer playing.

She recalls how it began, “I watched as he played and won several gold medals for his fast bowling in the zonal matches. But I was not aware that girls also played cricket. I asked my father if I could also play cricket. Without a second thought, he agreed and brought me to Karnataka Institute of Cricket.’

Karnataka Institute of Cricket – Sports talent :

KIOC is the only cricket coaching centre that operates throughout the year. For the benefit of trainees, KIOC operates five sessions a day. In reality, there is activity all through the day as many senior state cricketers utilize the facility for specific training.

One-to-One coaching is conducted during the period between the morning and evening sessions & again after the evening session under flood lights.

Karnataka Institute of Cricket was inaugurated by the then India captain Mohammad Azharuddin in 1996 at the RBANM’s ground, Bangalore.

Journey of Nagma Sharieff :

In order to play for the Karnataka State Under-16 Girls cricket team, Nagma had to take a break from school and play zonal matches.

She took a break from her studies when she was class in 2018.  Since then she has played many zonal cricket matches. While attending the school she was finding it difficult to practice cricket nor concentrate on her studies. 

This made her decide to take  a break and work on improving her skills and pace.  Till date she has played 3 times for the Under-16 and twice for the Under-19 cricket teams.

She is hoping to rejoin school and complete her class IX and X.

Nagma Sheriff – routine practice :

Nagma starts her day with warm-up exercises like jogging, stretching and bending. She along with her two siblings, spends her time at KIOC till 9 pm.

Sometimes, the coach trains them by giving one-on-one classes. This increasingly happened when she was selected for the Under-16 team. Irfan Sait, who is the owner and coach at KIOC, spends not less than six hours a day honing her skills.

Irfan Sait – Coach to Nagma :

Irfan Sait, the owner of KIOC, was also instrumental in helping Nagma achieve her dream.  According to Ifran, “Nagma is a hard working and extremely talented girl.  She is a fast bowler and has been doing quite well,  With her talent, she has the potential to get into the Indian Women’s cricket team very soon.”

Message in an auto :

Meet this cricket dad, who is so much more than the moniker he has earned. Sharieff has been working as an auto-driver for the past 26 years, driving a rented auto. With his earnings of Rs 15,000 a month, Sharieff manages to pay his children’s school fees, auto rent, house rent and takes care of his family expenses.

Besides this, he has managed to send all his three children to the Karnataka Cricket Academy. “My children are very good at sports. They have won a lot of medals and trophies at sports competitions. So I decided to enroll them in the Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC). I could not afford the fees at the cricket academy but we are glad that the academy is coaching my children free of cost.’’

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