Swapna Barman clinches gold in Heptathlon at Jakarta

Swapna Barman clinches gold in Heptathlon at Jakarta

No Indian in the history of heptathlon had won gold before Swapna Barman, with Soma Biswas winning two consecutive silver medals at the 2002 Busan and the 2006 Doha Games and Karnataka’s J.J Shobha winning bronze at the 2006 Games.

Swapna Barman (born 29 October 1996) is an Indian heptathlete. The barman was born in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. She was placed first in the Heptathlon at the 2017 Asian Athletics Championships.  She is supported by the GoSports Foundation through the Rahul Dravid Athlete Mentorship Programme.

She is unusual in having six toes on each foot.  Swapna says ‘pain is the best motivator’. Her mother Basana worked on a tea estate and her father, Panchanan Barman, was a rickshaw driver.

Swapna Barman’s craving for chocolate could well have cost her gold at the Asian Games. Just before her competition began on Tuesday, she started writing from tooth pain, forcing her to compete with a medicated tape covering her right jaw.

With 6026 points, Swapna won gold by a massive margin, with China’s Wang Qingling coming second with 5954 points and Yuki Yamasaki of Japan notching a personal best of 5873 on way to bronze.

Congratulations to Swapna Barman.  She has become the queen of Heptathlon!!!  It is deemed as the toughest Athletic event and has been conquered by Swapna.

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