Tejinder Pal Singh wins Gold in Men’s Shot-Put at Jakarta

Tejinder Pal Singh wins Gold in Men’s Shot-Put at Jakarta

Tejinder Pal Singh Toor (born 13 November 1994) is an Indian shot putter who holds the outdoor national record of 20.75m.

Tejinder the son of a Punjab farmer began as the favorite.  The 23-year-old thrower from Punjab set a benchmark early on as he threw 19.96 meters in his first attempt which was enough to give him the gold.  Tejinder’s second attempt also crossed 19 meters, clocking 19.15 but he did not cross his best attempt.  The third throw, which saw go out of the designated throwing zone, was deemed a foul but Tejinder was comfortably on top going into the final three throws into the top eight.

His fifth throw of 20.75m breaking the Games record of Saudi Arabia’s Sultan Abdulmajeed (20.57m) set in 2010.  He also broke the record of Om Prakash (20.69m, 2012).  He took the lead with his initial throw as China’s Yiu Liang was closest, throwing 19.42 meters in his first attempt.

Sultan Abdelhebshi of Saudi Arabia and Shahin Mehrdelan of Iran, two of Tejinder’s biggest competitions could not manage a single legal throw and be eliminated after three throws.

According to Tejinder, his aim was to cross 21m, and the gold was never in doubt. Congratulations on your successful winning….

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