Vinesh Phogat brings home Gold in Wrestling, Jakarta Asian Games 2018.

Vinesh Phogat brings home Gold in Wrestling, Jakarta Asian Games 2018.

Vinesh Phogat (born 25 August 1994) is an Indian Wrestler who comes from a successful background of wrestling with her cousins Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari, both international wrestlers and Common Wealth Games medalists as well.  Vinesh is the daughter of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat’s ‘s younger brother Rajpal Phogat from Haryana. Balali village in Bhiwani in Haryana is the most famous village which has created many sports talent.  Wrestling coach Mahavir Phogat has a major contribution in this regard.

Vinesh Phogat became the first Indian woman wrestler to win gold in both Common Wealth Games at Gold Coast and now in the Asian Games at Jakarta. Vinesh Phogat created history by winning first-ever gold at Asian games in freestyle wrestling. Her coach is Woller Akos from Hungary.    She outclassed Yuki Irie of Japan 8-2 in the 50kg category.  Showing impressive skill and composure Vinesh executed her game plan astutely.

According to Vinesh, it was “a phenomenal feeling to see all the hard work, sweat and long hours spent on the mat paying off”.

Congratulations Vinesh Phogat for winning gold in the Asian Games.
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