Vivakanand Matrubai -arrival of a BOXER

Vivakanand Matrubai -arrival of a BOXER

Light Welter – Men (BOXING)

Gold: Vivakanand Matrubai

Silver: Kannadasan SP

Bronze: Sudhir Kumar A N Bharghava Nandan

Mr.Vivakanand is a young kid, he has just won gold medal at Mysore Dasara boxing championship.

Category: Light Welter – Men, he is just 17 years+,  pursuing his studies at National College, Basavanagudi.

About Indian Boxing:

India is participating in International Boxing since many decades, Mohammad Ali Qamar became the first Indian to win a Gold medal at the 2002 Common wealth Games in Manchester,UK, in 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Vijender Singh won a bronze medal in middle-weight, Akhil Kumar, Jitender Kumar, A.L. Lakra, and Dinesh Kumar each won a bronze medal at the 2008 World Championship.

Vijender Singh reached World No.1 in the middle weight (75 kg) category class in 2009, when the International Boxing Association’s (AIBA)  Mary Kom became the first Indian woman boxer to get a Gold Medal at the Asian Games during the 2014 Asian Games at Incheon, South Korea

About Mysore Dasara :

Mysore Dasara celebrations are Karnataka’s and indeed south India’s best known Dussehra festivities that attract thousands of devotees and tourists alike. The Mysore Dasara celebrations conclude the nine-day Navratri festivities with a grand procession that begins from the illuminated Mysore palace.

Vivakanand Matrubai will definitely TOP the list in International boxing if the Governments and CSR comes to his support.  Indians have talent but all it requires is, to be identified and uplifted.


  • Prasad

    By Prasad


    Emerging Champion..

  • Ethereal Kayaker

    By Ethereal Kayaker


    Great Achievement by Vivekananda. I met him a few months ago at a Adventure Sports camp organized by GETHNAA, and was impressed at not just his fitness, but also his maturity and leadership skills. I am sure that he has a great future ahead. My best wishes always.

  • Aishwrya

    By Aishwrya


    Congrats Vivek

  • Ashwini

    By Ashwini


    Congrats Vivek

  • Bore Gowda

    By Bore Gowda


    Congratulations Vivekananda..

  • Deepali

    By Deepali


    Well done Vivekananda..

  • Shankar

    By Shankar


    Congratulations Mr Vivekananda. Wishing you many more such laurels..

  • Pushpalatha

    By Pushpalatha


    Congratulations vivekananda💐

  • Narasimha Murthy

    By Narasimha Murthy


    Congrats Vivek god bless you 👍

  • Rajath

    By Rajath


    Gr8 congrats..

  • Priyanka Matrubai

    By Priyanka Matrubai


    Congratulations Vevek..

  • Bhaskar

    By Bhaskar


    Congratulations Vivakananda..

  • Shivu

    By Shivu


    Very happy for u boy..

  • mssthirdeye

    By mssthirdeye


    Bangalore here comes a new hero
    And this time it’s for Boxing
    Welcome Vivekananda matrubai

  • prashanth mathrubai (RAJU)

    By prashanth mathrubai (RAJU)


    Congratulations vivek

  • Nanjunda S B

    By Nanjunda S B


    Congrats **vivek**

  • vishwanath

    By vishwanath


    congrats vivek GOD BLESS YOU

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