ACB raid at Tumakuru and Gadag

On 15.10.2018 the ACB officials of Tumakuru trapped and arrested Sri. Shivaparakash when he was accepting a bribe of Rs.4,000/- .

A Resident of Gvoindanahalli village, Sira Taluk, Tumakuru District had applied for RTC correction with Village Accountant Shri. Shivaprakash of Bidanakere circle, Sira Taluk and the village accountant had demanded a bribe of Rs.10,000/- to do the same.

A case has been registered and is under investigation.


On the same day the officials of ACB, Gadag PS trapped and arrested Sri. Nariyappa while receiving a bribe of Rs.10,000/-.

Sri. Nariyappa S/o Gurusomappa Hunagund, District Officer, Khadi and Village Industry, Board Gadag had demanded a bribe of Rs.10,000/- to approve the subsidy application of Rs.1,75,000/-.

The bribe amount has been seized and the investigation is continuing.