Gultooo – a new dimension in the cyber crime -Kannada Movie

Gultooo – a new dimension in the cyber crime -Kannada Movie


Cyber crime, the worlds most dangerous and hidden crime growing its roots stronger and faster than anything in the current digital era. Most of the cyber crime in the recent time has literally shook the world, especially the buzz that happened with regards to the data of the users in the most famous medium – Facebook. This movie has shed lights on the darker side of the cyber crime considering the data leakage or data theft by creating a genre of its kind with an entertainment bonanza with a peek insight of information.

Alok, the depraved hero (though he is portrayed as a decent and good academic guy) in this movie who aspires to become an entrepreneur by having his own start up. So, does he achieve his dream in doing so? Well, thats what the movie speaks about with his intellectual and wicked sense of achieving the same. The best part of the movie is the idea behind the Alok’s aspiration i.e. making use of digital medium with his brain effectively, which can be said as a deadly combination of brain and the digital medium !

The film starts with a brief introduction about the digital era and cyber crime to the viewers. Coming to the plot of this movie – “SUDHAAR Card” (which is nothing but the AADHAAR card), an unique identification provided by the government of india to all of its citizens. This plot provided an intense information about the data stored online in an encrypted way can still be taken away with a mechanism of hacking! Where every audience will start thinking about his/her data can be lost at any point of time. And of course, what are the consequences that can arouse by losing such vital data from the billions of people in the nation.

Sonu gowda has literally made a come back with her 2 shaded performances in this movie. One as an innocent computer science teaching staff in a private computer coaching centre and a high profile CBI officer who deals with the hero in order to find how the data leakage happened and how the same can be reverted by getting back the lost data from Alok. Janardhan chikkanna, the director and the captain of the ship has proven to the kannada cinema industry that a movie of such a genre can be made in our industry too.

The freshness in his narration depicts the amount of research he has made to make this movie and really deserves an applause from the audience. The instrumental cast – including Rangayana Raghu as the chief minister, Pawan Kumar as an ethical hacker and Avinash as a police officer, does its part and are able fully justify their support to the screenplay.

Does Alok escapes from the cyber crime web? Will the CBI and team succeed in getting back the lost data of billions of people of the nation? For the answers, do watch the movie and its worth watching !!

11 Electric Charging stations by Bescom at Bengaluru to be set up:

11 Electric Charging stations by Bescom at Bengaluru to be set up:

In order to encourage increased use of electric vehicles, BESCOM will soon start an awareness campaign advertising the new rates for electric vehicle charging stations fixed by Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC).

Recently several privately-owned EV charging points have come-up in and around the city. This has been made possible by the special tariff announced by the KERC. However, users still say that the penetration of these charging points, in the outskirts of the city as well as on the highways, needs to be far higher to instill confidence to opt for electric vehicles.

BESCOM is also planning a network of 11 charging points for Bengaluru in addition to around 129 more being planned by other agencies like the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation and Namma Metro.  Ather Energy, a startup, announced the creation of AtherGrid, a network of 60 charging points in the city, making it possible to find a charging point every 4 km. This network will be in place by the end of the year according to the company making it more feasible to invest in an electric vehicle.

Charging station locations at Namma Bengaluru :

4 sub-division office, Peenya

C6 sub-division office, Mathikere

C7 sub0division office, Yelahanka

E8 sub-division office, Banaswadi

Kathriguppe O&M office

Indiranagar division, office, HAL 2nd Stage

Mahadevapura O&M Office

S7 sub0division office, Murugeshpalya, HAL

HSR Division office, HSR 2nd Sector

BTM O&M Unit-2, BTM Layout.

In the coming days, the BESCOM will look for spaces around BBMP head office, Metrol rail parking lots, BMTC depots, bus terminals, BWSSB offices and other government offices.

Power tariff to increase for the second time

Power tariff to increase for the second time

BESCOM consumers have to shell out additional 14 paise per unit of electricity as the KERC has revised power tariffs.

The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has directed all Escoms to collect an additional fuel adjustment charges (FAC).  The Becsom will charge its consumers an extra of 14 paise per unit irrespective of the sector and units consumed.

It was brought to the notice that from April to September, the FAC was not levied.  The FAC amount will be clearly listed in the consumer bills to understand. This is also an indication that the consumers should use the electricity wisely in future as it is becoming costly.