Bhavana Pradyumna – Spreading carnatic music across the globe

Bhavana Pradyumna – Spreading carnatic music across the globe

Bhavana Pradyumna- Founder President of the Carnatic Conservatory of Paris (CCP), Paris, France, and Pradyumna Kandadai- Founder Secretary of the CCP has been enthusiastically spreading the joy of Indian Carnatic Music, across Europe.

She is also the founder/promoter of two of the most popular Facebook pages (Indian Carnatic Music in Paris) and (Carnatic Conservatory of Paris) serving Indian music and dance.

About Bhavana Pradyumna :

Bhavana Pradyumna is an accomplished Carnatic Musician and a Bharata Natyam Dancer. Having a Masters degree in Carnatic Music from the University of Madras, she had her initial training under the guidance of her mother Vidushi Padmamalini Raghunandan and Vidwan Anoor Anantha Krishna Sharma.

She has rendered many concerts in the last 14 years in India, USA and Europe, being an All India Radio artist, entitled  ‘Ramanuja Paaduka Sevaka’ for her contribution in the field of Carnatic Music. Bhavana also provides Vocal support to Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattam Arangetrams and programs.

Bhavana is one of the co-founders of Kalavardhini, an institution of Fine Arts in India, having worked as an Artist Affiliate at Emory University (USA), at the Kalaivani Dance and Music Academy, Atlanta (USA) with Guru Padmaja Kelam teaching Bharata Natyam and Carnatic Music.  

Bhavana is presently undergoing advanced training under the tutelage of World renowned Slide Instrumentalist, Composer and Guru – Shri, Chitravina N Ravikiran and Shri, Chitravina Narasimhan – renowned through out the world for his unique teaching methodology that created many child prodigies .  

Early music life of Bhavana Pradyumna :

Bhavana was introduced to formal music education at the age of 6. Her Mother, Vid| Padma Malini Raghunandan was her first teacher. She guided her until Bhavana Pradyumna got her Master’s Degree in Carnatic Music, from Madras University.

Having moved to the United States, Bhavana Pradyumna continued her musical journey as a disciple of Sangeeta Kala Nidhi Vidwan Chitravina Ravikiran. She was blessed to take the tutelage of Vidwan Chitravina Narasimhan at the same time. Bhavana is also a trained Bharata Natyam danseuse. She was the disciple of Vidwan Malini Ravishankar.

Carnatic Conservatory of Paris  Bhavana Pradyumna :

It has been Bhavana and her husband Pradyumna Kandadai’s ever focused endeavor to find ways to contribute a drop to the ocean of Carnatic Music. Carnatic Conservatory of Paris (CCP) is one such initiative based in Paris, France.

CCP creates new platforms, brings together artists, collaborates with new artists and legends alike, presents highest quality of music and collaborates with artists of high quality, with whom CCP can take the beauty of Carnatic Music and Indian Arts to a world audience. CCP offers two major Calendar events to provide a platform for talent and also collaborate with high quality artists, legends.

In the past years, CCP has conducted more events across two countries and has provided an opportunity to more than 30+ artists, comprising of seven different nationalities, to perform at these flagship events.

CCP provides scholarships for students to gain access to high-quality Carnatic music. Through such endeavors, Bhavana Pradyumna aims to embody CCP’s objective “To Promote Diversity and Harmony through Music and Dance”.

Paris Tyagaraja Aradhana by Bhavana Pradlyumna :

It is the annual aradhana of saint composer Tyagaraja. Carnatic musicians from all over the world descend and pay homage to the saint. The aradhana is observed on Pushya Bahula Panchami day when the saint attained samadhi.

According to the tradition, every year, musicians and devotees pay homage to Sri Tyagaraja by rendering his ‘Pancharatna kritis’, the five jewels.

Nritya Naada by Bhavana Pradyumna :

It is a brain child of Bhavana to create an international platform to bring together artists and allow for new collaborations. Bhavana has successfully collaborated with artists in India and Europe to present soulful events.

‘CarNic’ a new genre :

She is the founder of a new genre called “CarNic” music, which is a collaboration of Carnatic music with electronic music. She has also been exploring collaborations with Fado and Jazz musicians. We may soon get to hear new projects from her, in these creative fields.

She resides currently in Paris, France teaching carnatic music and dance.