File a criminal complaint against Graphite India Ltd. tells MP P.C.Mohan from BJP to locals

File a criminal complaint against Graphite India Ltd. tells MP P.C.Mohan from BJP to locals

With the foul, chemical air emanating from the Graphite India Ltd. (GIL) plant is becoming unbearable, residents living around the plant have been complaining of black dust deposits, as well as the chemical stench.  The stench can be smelt within a 500-700m  radius of the plant.  Their grievances seem to have fallen on deaf ears.  Residents complain that a lot of black graphite dust comes from the plant and gets deposited in the houses and every time one walks barefoot, their feet turns black.  Local people have been complaining that the excessive soot emanated by the factory affects their health and creates air pollution.

According to GIL, vehicular pollution has become a big issue.  The Co. has raised the compound wall 40 foot high and has ensured that they have all sources of dust collection.

After repeated complaints from residents, some action from the government was taken on Tuesday as the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has committed to conducting an inspection of the factory premises on Wednesday. The factory, which residents allege is working without the requisite permissions, has been causing high levels of air pollution in the area according to those who commute and stay nearby. The carbon and graphite manufacturing company have been criticized for the longest time by residents who even started a petition to have it relocated.

BJP Member of Parliament PC Mohan asked people residing nearby Graphite India Limited (GIL) to file a criminal complaint against the company they have been fighting for the last 20 years.  MP PC Mohan urged the locals to file a criminal complaint since the company is functioning without a license. GIL representatives argued that they are following the NGT orders and their company is not responsible for the pollution.

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