Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjuna orders clearance of festive garbage

Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjuna orders clearance of festive garbage

Namma Bengaluru is known for its exuberant celebrations of festivals such as Gowri and Ganesha, Dasara, Bakrid, and Diwali.  During these festivals, city streets and markets wear a festive look.  However, the day after the celebrations, the scene across the city is of banana stems, garlands, rotting fruits and tell-tale signs of celebrations.

There is almost a two-fold increase in the quantum of garbage generated in the city during the festivals.   The extra garbage generated from households and markets on account of Dasara festivities has led to garbage mounds being formed across the city and wherever door-to-door collection of waste was not done, the problem was compounded.In the absence of a proper garbage management system, especially during the festival season, traders in all major markets in Bengaluru are anxious about hygiene on the market premises.

Managing cleanliness in different markets with a series of festivals coming, starting with Ganesh Chaturthi has become a challenge if the BBMP does not address the situation immediately. The quantity of garbage generation doubles during the festive season.

Mounds of un-cleared garbage are bac to haunt Bengalureans as BBMP authorities struggle to clear the additional garbage that has accumulated over the past 3-4 days during Dasara.

Civic workers are doing extra rounds to clear garbage accumulated during the festival.  As the city is already reeling under the increasing number of H1N1 cases, if the BBMP does not clear the garbage at the earliest, there will be a health disaster.

Garbage clearance for festival celebration

Namma Bengaluru will get some respite from the mounting piles of garbage, which have accumulated during the festival season with immediate action according to the Mayor.  Over the last few days, many areas across the city, including markets in Gandhi Bazaar, Malleshwaram, Banashankari, KR Market, Jayanagar, Sirsi circle, V.V.Puram has witnessed a high pile of wet waste left to rot on the streets.

The amount of garbage generated increased after Ayudha Pooja and Vijayadashmi.  Vendors, who sold Pooja materials like flowers and plantain leaves, dumped their unsold stock on the streets.

Mayor of Bengaluru Gangambike Mallikarjuna directed the officials to clear the garbage at all markets and 198 wards at the earliest.  Disciplinary action will be taken against ward level engineers who fail to clear the garbage piles on street and footpaths.

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Doctors at namma Bengaluru Infected with H1N1 flu

Doctors at namma Bengaluru Infected with H1N1 flu

The sudden rise in H1N1 positive cases in Bengaluru city has set alarm bells ringing.  Adding to this problem is Viral Pneumonia, which is being reported among Influenza A (H1N1) patients, a life-threatening situation.

H1N1 patients need to be quarantined to avoid the spread of infection if a patient shows symptoms of fever, severe cough, throat infection, the respiratory problem with chest comfort.  The worst affected will be elderly persons and those having low immunity.  The infection can be transmitted if a person inhales the droplets of an infected patient.

As on 9th October, 400 H1N1 cases have been reported in Karnataka. According to the latest update, Bengaluru city tops the number of positive cases, by reporting 90 cases, followed by Shivamogga with 43 and Dakshina Kannada with 25 cases.

3 doctors are infected with H1N1 flu.  The doctors may have contracted the infection from the patients who have had severe symptoms of influenza from 3 different hospitals.  One of the doctors is from a government hospital and at the end of the day developed a high fever and after suggestion sent his swab sample for testing which turned out to be positive.  Another doctor had co

This disease is caused by a strain of the Influenza A virus and was found to have been transmitted to humans from pigs.  This can be fatal if not treated on time.

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Bengaluru on high alert of H1N1 cases

Bengaluru on high alert of H1N1 cases

3000 houses have been identified with swine flu patients and tablets were distributed to the family members of the affected.

Bengaluru’s health department officials have issued a health alert after the alarming increase in the number of H1N1 cases in namma Bengaluru. A total of 46 of swine flu cases have been confirmed in the city.

According to a report, most swine flu cases in the city have been detected in private hospitals. The officer of Bengaluru Urban District Surveillance department has issued directives to ensure that the ailment is correctly diagnosed and medicines are made available to patients.

Flu stands for influenza, a viral infection caused by the flu virus.  And bird flu is ‘flu occurring in birds’.  Depending on minor differences on the genetic make up of the virus, influenza virus is of type A, B and C. this outbreak is caused by a subtype of influenza A,  known as H5N1.  It is a type of Bird flu that has only spread from birds to humans.  It can happen when a person handles bird droppings pr swims in the same water body as an infected bird.  Chances of the flue spreading through consuming properly cooked chicken and eggs are minimal.

Symptoms in humans usually develop between 2 to 8 days after exposure.  They include fever, sore throat, cough, muscle aches, water eye discharge with redness.   But since many of the symptoms mimic those of human flue, be sure to consult your doctor once.  A throat swab test confirms if the person suffers from the virus.