Hoax calls  leads to Jail term – Bengaluru

Hoax calls leads to Jail term – Bengaluru

Hoax calls can lead to jail term.  If the hoax call harms a person or if it results in any sort of loss, then it is considered a crime and a legal action will be taken.

The menace of hoax calls has increased over the past years and Bengaluru city finds itself on the list of victims.  Bengaluru gets many hoax calls but most of them go unreported. 

The punishment for these type of calls need special enactment.  There is no special enactment under which these culprits can be booked.  The quantum of punishment is less.

What is a Hoax call ?

A hoax call is a telephone call intended by the caller as a practical joke played on the person answering. It is often a type of nuisance call.

A hoax is a falsehood deliberately fabricated to masquerade as the truth. It is distinguishable from errors in observation or judgment, rumors, urban legends. Pseudo-sciences and April Fools’ day events that are passed along in good faith by believers or as jokes.

The psychology of hoaxing calls :

The reasons of what might cause people to hoaxing includes hoaxing

  • for amusement purposes,
  • out of boredom,
  • as an act revenge
  • as a way to gain fame and/or notoriety in some way
  • to gain attention such as faking illness (Munchausen’s syndrome)
  • to demonstrate cleverness (or a perception of cleverness) to others around them and
  • to disrupt the status quo (including terrorist and non-terrorist activity), and for political causes  (such as claiming to be a victim of a racist hate crime).

Majority of hoax calls arise from psychological problems. Such callers have no explanation for their action or when confronted express remorse.

Malicious and Prank Calls :

If a call’s purpose is to cause distress, if the caller uses abusive or sexually explicit language, or if the caller threatens, then it is a malicious call. Some people are unfortunate enough to receive a barrage of malicious calls, often at anti-social hours, and these can be very upsetting. Making a malicious call will be a criminal offence.

Prank calls are a type of malicious call that are sometimes carried out by kids ‘for a laugh’. The pranksters may order a taxi or pizza giving the victims address and phone number, or may make reverse charge calls to the victim. Some times calls that may at first appear malicious may in fact be less sinister.  

Legal issues :

Some hoax calls are criminalized in many jurisdictions, for instance if the call involves calling the emergency services, while others may be protected as freedom of expression.

Rudimentary criminal ‘pranks’ may range from simple telephone harassment to bomb threats.  More elaborate pranks rely on tricking the recipient into harmful behavior. 

Hoax calls at Bengaluru City :

Bengaluru has had to deal with many hoax calls.  Many hoax calls have gone unreported while some have been closed as they were ‘untraceable’.

Use of Technology to identify hoax calls :

Virtually all smart-phones, cordless phones and many wire-line handsets have built-in caller ID displays. Android and iOS smart-hones have the ability to block numbers that are suspect or have been identified as fraudulent or scammers; most regular landlines do not.

With ‘Truecaller’ and other similar apps.  one can immediately know who is calling. With advanced technology one can immediately trace the call and get their information.  Once the caller id identified a criminal case is registered on the basis of the severity of the call.

Caller ID technology can be easily exploited by scammers and fraudsters from anywhere in the world to display a false identity and locations. It is far too simple to obtain a phone number and to generate a false calling party name.

Reporting of hoax calls & nature of punishment :

As soon a person receives a hoax call, it should be reported immediately.  If the call is harming someone or results in any form of harm or loss, it is considered as a crime.  Legal action will be taken.  All calls cannot be considered as hoax calls.  The magnitude of the crime is taken into  consideration. 

If the offence is severe, the severe will be the punishment.  The punishment can vary from a two year jail term to life imprisonment. The major drawback is that not all hoax are officially registered. 

Reasons for making hoax calls :

Reasons for making hoax calls are many.  Sometimes it might be due to a dysfunctional family set-up.  It might be to due to negligent parenting.  Neglect leads to children turning a deaf year to everything. Sometimes it can be due to revenge or fear of missing flight.

A few cases of hoax calls in Bengaluru :

In August 2018 – Aditya Rao a resident of KHB colony in Manipal in Udupi district  made a hoax call to Kempe Gowda International Airport (KIA) to take revenge.  His job application  was rejected and this prompted him to take revenge on the authorities.    He made 4 calls to KIA.

His case is under trial in court.

In February 2019 –  a Bomb warning was given on the Surat-bound Air India flight.   Later the caller was identified as Prateek Rathore,  a 49 year old techie.  Prateek confessed making the call as he was running late and was worried about missing he flight.

His case is under investigation.

In April 2019 – a 65 year old  ex-army  man made a hoax call  claiming that major cities in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Pondicherry Goa and Maharashtra will be hit by terror attach.

This case in under investigation.

In May 2019 – Name unknown.  A caller gave warnings to Air Asia  officials in Bengaluru city of possible danger to a flight.  The flight I5-588 as bound between Bagdpgra in  North Bengal to Kalkota. 

The case is under investigation.  

Method to Stopping a Prank Caller on a Mobile Phone :

Contact the police. If the call is threatening or harassing, it may violate local or state laws.  The methods to follow to stop the hoax calls are :

1)  Contact the police. If the call is threatening or harassing, it may violate local or state laws

2)  Screen-calls. The mobile phone should display the phone number of the hoax caller.

3)  Send hoax calls straight to voicemail.

4)  Block the hoax calls

5)  Using an app.

Translocation of 7095 trees at KIA – Bengaluru

Translocation of 7095 trees at KIA – Bengaluru

Translocation of 7095 trees at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru takes place as part of the ongoing Rs.13,000 crore infrastructure upgrade of the airport.  This is part of the opening of the terminal 2.

The land surrounding the new runway will be covered with greenery making the KIA, first in India and only third in the world to have green corridors around the runway.

BIAL/KIA Terminal 2 :

Kempegowda International Airport is all set to open the second runway very soon.  The airport  registered a double digit growth of 28.1 per cent in passenger traffic in the second quarter of FY19.

During the three-month period, ending September 30, 2018, 8.13 million passengers travelled through BIAL as against 6.35 million passengers during the corresponding period of previous financial year.

The quarter also saw an increase of 30.5 per cent domestic and 13.8 per cent in international passengers year on year.

Phase wise translocation :

The trees will be translocated on phase wise manner.   A total of 1285 trees and plants will be  translocated in the 1st phase.  The rest of the trees and plants will be translocated over the next 2 years.

The BIAL has engaged the Institute of Wood Science and Technology and Volvo to provide solution scientifically.

The first phase started in March and will continue till August.  The first phase will cover a stretch of 4 Kms.

Terminal in a garden :

According to Tom Shimmin, Chief Projects Office for BIAl, “the objective is to avoid felling of trees and instead relocate them to a place where they can further improve the aesthetics of the airport.  All this is to ensure that the landscape is in sync with our garden-themed Terminal2”.

To provide an “immersive garden experience” and in keeping with Bengaluru’s ‘Garden city’ name Bial has announced a series of initiatives.  Among them is the translocation of plants and trees that come in the way of expansion.

The Rs.13,000 crore infrastructure development with the landscape will amalgamate with the new terminal designed to be a ‘Terminal in a Garden’.

Survival of trees after translocation :

Till date the thousand odd trees that have been transplanted since March 2019 have seen a survivability rate of 85%.  The BIAL has tied up with the Government run Indian Institute of Science and automobile major Volvo for this initiative.

Automobile major Volvo is providing hardware including its special tree transplanter truck.

Till date thousand odd tress have been transplanted has shown signs of survivability with a rate of 85%.

Some of the tree species which have shown positive success rate are coconut, silver oak,palms, cycads and rain trees.

Process of Translocation :

A statement by Prasannamurti Desai, Vice-President of landscaping at airport said, “we are able to translocate as many as 18 trees in a single day starting from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm using mechanized translocator.    All these trees are either translocated to a pre-defined suitable spot or otherwise preserved in the nursery until a suitable spot is made ready”.

The process involves traditional methods for trees with a girth of above 45 inches and less than 6 inches.  Using the conventional method, the process takes around three months as it requires adequate care and protection.

By following scientific methods of translocation, the trees will be uprooted from their original location.  The trees will be replanted in selected areas – without damaging its roots.  The tree-transplanter is capable of translocating around 17 larges trees in a day.

Steps followed during translocation :

There are steps involved in translocating trees.  First step involves pre-assessment to check if the tree is healthy.  Once the tress is identified for transloction, water loss is minimized through methods of trenching and shaping the root ball.  Important roots are pruned during transplanting.

Once the root is wrapped, it is kept moist and tightly secured to prevent it from breaking. The trees will be lifted through the barrel strap technique to their new home after which post-monitoring will be done. 

Terminal 2 – a forest belt :

The new terminal is being operational this year and will have a three story “forest belt”.  The idea is to create an immersive, calming outdoor experience for both arrival and departure passengers.  Trees, small gardens and pods feature local and exotic species of plants adore the interior.

The land which is surrounding the new runway will be covered with lush greenery. 

Cost of translocation of trees :

BIAL will be shelling out around Rs.2.5 crore to translocate thousands of trees.  infrastructural development has been taken up at the airport at a cost of Rs.13000 crore.  There will be a greener landscape to amalgamate with the new terminal. 

The new terminal is designed to be a terminal in a garden. 

Diversion of traffic :

Vehicles which are heading from the Trumpet interchange to the terminal area of the KIA will be diverted.  The diversion is through a new access road from next week.

The BIAL is expanding the work with construction of additional roads to meet the increasing vehicle traffic.

The road expansion work will be taken up in a phased manner.  This includes widening of the main access road to 10 lanes (5+5) from the existing 4 lanes (2+2).

Bengaluru International Airport’s main access road will be closed from June 10 as part of road widening. 4-lane roads will make way to 10-lane roads (5 on each side) by early 2021, @BLR Airport officials say. Below is the new route map.

Kempegowda International Airport – top global award

Kempegowda International Airport – top global award

Kempegowda International Airport – Bengaluru has got one more feather in its cap.  It has achieved another incredible feat by becoming the first airport in the world to clinch the Airports Council International’s Airport Service Quality (ACI ASQ) Awards for both arrivals and departures.

ACI/ASQ Award – Kempegowda International Airport :

The award makes it more prestigious it is the first-ever ASQ Award for Arrivals, a category open to airports across the world, that was introduced in 2018.

ACI World announced that  Kempegowda International Airport  also won the award for Best Airport by size/ region in the 25-40 MPPA category in the Asia-Pacific zone. The  renowned ASQ Award recognizes airports around the world on the basis of a survey of passenger satisfaction. 

Kempegowda International Airport :

Kempegowda International Airport  is an International airport serving Bengaluru, the capital of  Karnataka. Spread over 4,000 acres (1,600 ha), it is located about 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of the city near the village of Devanahalli.

 It is owned and operated by Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL), a public-private consortium. The airport was opened to public in May 2008 as an alternative to increased congestion at HAL Airport.  It is named after Kempe Gowda I, the founder of Bengaluru.

Kempegowda International Airport became Karnataka’s first fully solar powered airport developed by CleanMax Solar

Airport Service quality – KIA :

The Airport Service Quality (ASQ) program is the world’s leading airport passenger service and bench-marking program.  The ASQ Departures program measures passengers’ satisfaction across 34 key performance indicators.

Three quarters of the world’s 100 busiest airports are part of the ASQ program which means that, in 2018, more than half of the world’s 8.3 billion travellers passed through an ASQ airport.

According to ACI World Director General Angela Gittens, ““The Airport Service Quality Awards celebrate the achievements of airports in delivering the best customer experience and they represent the highest possible accolade for airport operators around the world”.

Other winners apart from Kempegowda International Airport :

Perennial winners from around the world includes Indianapolis International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, and Toronto Pearson, Aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino, Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Sheremetyevo International Airport.

To know more about KIA’s terminal read : https://www.bangalorean.com/blog/terminal-2-kia-bengaluru/

Tokyo-Bengaluru flight – March 2020 – Bengaluru

Tokyo-Bengaluru flight – March 2020 – Bengaluru

Tokyo-Bengaluru flight will be a reality.  There will be a non-stop daily service between Tokyo (Narita) and Bengaluru from March 2020.  There are no direct flights to Tokyo from any south Indian city.

Japan Airlines Ltd. – Tokyo-Bengaluru flight :

JAL (Japan Airlines Ltd) at present has direct flights to Tokyo from New Delhi.  It is planning to operate flights on Tokyo-Bengaluru route daily.

The Tokyo Bengaluru flight will be leaving Tokyo city at 6.25 AM and reach Bengaluru City at 12.05 AM on the next day.  In return it will leave Bengaluru city at 2.45AM and reach Tokyo city at 2.55 PM.

Reasons :– Tokyo – Bengaluru flight:

The IT industry is thriving in Bengaluru.  The city is called as the silicon valley of India.  All global corporations which are focusing in Telecommunications, biotechnology, Information technology and automobiles are based in Namma Bengaluru.

The launch of direct Tokyo-Bengaluru flight provide a direct route to customers from North America an option to travel to the city.

Reaction – Tokyo-Benglauru flight – Consul general:

The consul general of Japan in Bengaluru city Takayaki Kitagawa informed the Chief Minister of Karnataka about the operations. 

According to Mr.Kitagawa, “launch of non-stop Tokyo-Bengaluru flights will herald a new era of more strengthened economic relation between Karnataka and Japan.  With this development not only will tourism flourish in Karnataka and Japan but also many new ventures will be established, thereby creating lots of new opportunities”.

Government of Karnataka :

The Chief Minister of Karnataka Kumaraswamy said a land of 519.55 acres has been earmarked for Japanese industries in the Vasanthanarasapura Industrial area at Tumakuru.

This Chennai-Bengaluru industrial corridor will be a prominent industrial township.

Conclusion – Tokyo-Bengaluru flight :

With recent visa relaxation, the new Tokyo-Bengaluru flight service will see a huge increase in Indian visitors from Bengaluru to Japan.

The airline envisions to attract many United States of America Citizens and boost its ties with the Western world through this route.

It hopes to make Japan the “third silicon valley” by connection United States of America and India the 2 silicon valley of the world.

To know more about KIA read https://www.bangalorean.com/blog/terminal-2-kia-bengaluru/

Tourism taxis – Tourism – Bengaluru

Tourism taxis – Tourism – Bengaluru

Tourism taxis in Bengaluru was flagged off by Chief Minister Kumaraswamy and Tourism Minister Sa R Mahesh. 

Tourism department – Tourism taxis :

The department of tourism plays an important role and acts as a incendiary in placing the State on the list of must visit places.  The department reaches through several policy formulation measures that cover the infrastructure development at tourism destinations.

Skill development for better employment opportunities, Mega Circuit Development and last mile connectivity and providing tourism taxis are the priority.   The department also provides monetary incentives that come from policy formulation.

Distribution of tourism taxis :

The tourism department is planning to distribute 1470 tourism taxis to those persons who belong to the economically weaker section.

According to Priyanka Mary Francis, Tourism Director, every year the department of Tourism gives away taxis to empower people.  This happens at the district level. 

For the current year the department is planning to distribute 1470 tourism taxis.  The process of selection involves candidates scrutiny by the selection committee in each district.

Once the candidates are shortlisted the deputy commissioners will finalize the list.  A subsidy of Rs.3 lakhs  will be provided by the tourism department to the selected candidates to purchase the taxis. 

Candidates selection – Tourism taxis :

These taxis are different from the taxis run by the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation.  The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation operates to and fro from the Kempegowda International Airport. 

The taxis are given a permit to travel anywhere. 

The candidates for thesetaxis are selected on the basis of their income, driving licence and their capability of repayment of loan.

The minimal educational qualification to avail this opportunity is 10th class pass.  Preference will be given to those candidates who apply from other districts.  Bengaluru city gets a minimum share.

Temporary hoardings – Aeroshow 2019 – Bengaluru

Temporary hoardings will be used by the BBMP for Aeroshow 2019 ads.  The High Court has given the consent to use 100% non-PVC materials.

High Court permission to use Temporary hoardings :

The Karnataka High court on 14th February allowed the civic body to allow Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.(HAL) to put temporary hoardings.  The hoardings are  for the Aeroshow 2019 from February 15 to 25 at the selected locations.

The hoardings will provide information to the public and participants about the show.   The Aeroshow India 2019 will start from February 20 to 24.

It was made clear by the BBMC to the High court that the hoardings are not for any commercial advertisements.  The hoardings will provide information about the global event.

Court’s specifications to use of temporary hoardings :

The High Court of Karnataka has made it clear to HAL that it should use only wooden structures for temporary hoardings/display.  The publicity/information materials printed should be only on 100% cotton materials.  It should be free from any plastic materials.

An undertaking has been given by HAL and BBMP in this regard to the court.   The court has also given permission for putting up of signages.  The temporary hoardings will be at different locations to guide the public and participants to reach the venue.

Presence of Nodal Officer :

The High court has given directions to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), who will be the nodal officer.  The nodal officer will be monitoring complains about the instances of defacing the city.  

Temporary hoardings – guidelines to HAL :

The high court has directed the HAL to remove all the temporary hoardings, including the wooden structures and display materials.  This should be done soon after the event ends on February 25.

HAL should submit a compliance report to the BBMP about removal of all temporary hoardings and signages.

Places where temporary hoarding will be placed:

HAL had sought permission to put temporary hoardings at:

  1.  Brigade Road – Residency Road Junction
  2. Lalbagh main road
  3. Near Passport office
  4. Yelahanka – kogilu Junction towards KIA
  5. Airport road
  6. Near Kogilu junction towards Hebbal
  7. Yelahanka near NES bus stop
  8. Departure and Arrival terminals of the Airport
  9. The roads leading to the venue.

Know more about aero show 2019 : https://www.bangalorean.com/news/aero-india-2019-show-namma-bengaluru/

Fog Prediction – Kempegowda International Airport

Fog prediction tool to be developed for Kempegowda International Airport.  A Memorandum of Understanding for the same was signed by JNCASR and KIA.

Fog at KIA

This winter season over 600 flights were disrupted due to get at the International airport. 

Fog prediction tool :

Instead of suffering the delays caused by fog at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), what if passengers were to be alerted in advance about the same?

Fog Disruption

Not only would fog prediction it improve the passenger experience at the airport, but authorities feel that a predictive model regarding the onset and duration of fog cover would also help with better scheduling. 

The Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) will perform a 40-month study to understand the various factors responsible for the highly-localized-fog, found only around the airport premises.

MOU – Fog prediction :

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by JNCASR and KIA 4th February 2019.

A member of Engineering Mechanics Unit, JNCASR said that based on the observations on fog formation at the airport, a team of scientists will develop an algorithm that will help in predicting the density and duration of the fog.

There is going to be a study with  the predictability of the fog and then development of an application that will help in streamlining the flights. 

Requirement for fog prediction:

The scientists will measure parameters such as presence of aerosols, humidity, wind speed and others, by installing instruments such as humidity temperature profiler, net radiation metres, velocity and temperature probes, for two fog seasons.

Subsequently, they will come up with a numerical simulation tool, capable of predicting the onset, intensity and dissipation of fog.

Keen eye out for fog prediction:

To ensure accuracy of the study, specific instruments like a wind cube, humidity temperature, atmospheric aerosol loading, radiative fluxes, water vapour and energy transport in the surface will b monitored.

The fog that occurs in and around KIA  is known as radiation fog.  The fog occurs between 3 am and 8.30 am.  A Airport official said that as part of the study,  data would be collected during 2 fog seasons. 

Flights disruption Feb 20 – Feb 24 2019 – Aero India 2019

Flights disruption will take place from Feb 20 to Feb 24 due to Aero India 2019 at Bengaluru.  The flight operations will be partially disrupted at Kempegowda International Airport.

Bengaluru International airport

The air show is scheduled to be held at the Yelahanka air base in the southern city from February 20. 

Flights Disruption –  Scheduled closure :

Airspace closure will cause flights disruption from February 14 to 24. 

Between February 14 to 17, the airport will be closed between 1.30 pm and 4.30  pm ; from February 18 to 19, operations will be stopped between 10 am and 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm.

On February 20, on account of the inauguration of the event and scheduled air displays, the Kempegowda International Airport will not function between 9 am and 12 pm and from 2 pm and 5 pm.

Between February 21 and 24, the airport will be closed between 10 am and 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Flights disruption – Airspace closure table :

Date   & Timings                              Purpose

Feb. 14 – 17 ;  1.30 pm – 4.30 pm          Practice days

Feb.18 – 19 ; 10 am – 12 , 2 pm-5 pm  Full dress rehearsal & practice

Feb. 20 ; 9 am – 12, 2 pm – 5 pm           Inauguration, dress rehearsal

Feb.21 – 24; 10 am-12, 2pm – 5 pm     Conduct of Aero India                                  

Airspace closure – flights disruption

Airspace closure will cause flights disruption.  The closure will be to ensure safety and to make the way for the success of the Aero India 2019.  The airport will be partially closed for commercial operations during the practice days and on the days of the main show.

Flight disruption

Assistance – flights disruption :

Passenger convenience will be ensured with the respective airlines sharing all information on the change in airport operations and the cancelled/revised flight timings during the Aero show 2019.   

Expectation of heavy traffic

As there will be increased traffic is anticipated on Airport Road during the air show, the commute time will also increase.  To accommodate this, ancillary support by airport taxi and bus services will be aligned.

All changes to airport operations will be made available on www.bengaluru-airport.com for passengers.  Please check the respective airlines on the status of their flights disruption.