Manjit Singh waiting to meet his 4 months old son

Manjit Singh waiting to meet his 4 months old son

Quietly going about his business in the men’s 800 meters race, Manjit ended India’s 36-year wait for an Asian Games gold medal in the event.  Standing atop the podium with the national anthem running in the background, Manjit was the perfect embodiment of a winner who had overcome almost everything life threw at him to rightfully secure his piece of glory.

The journey for Manjit Singh was never easy.  He is been running. Running for a job for the last 2 years.  His contract with ONGC was not signed after 2015.  He has no permanent job.  He has applied for a job with the State Government several times but to no avail.  When he was not undergoing strenuous training at Ooty and Bhutan, he would return home once a year to help his father on the farm and takes care of cattle in their native village, Ujhana, in the Jing district of Haryana.

Surrendering himself to his coach Kumar, Manjit forgot life as it was. He left his family in Jing and found a new home in his training camp. Such was his commitment to the sport and will to turn things around that Manjit visited his home in Jind only once a year. His busy schedule also meant that Manjit would have to stay away from his five-month-old son Abir who is yet to see the face of his father.

Neither he nor his coach went to their homes for nearly a year.  He is been involved in training for the Asian games, such has been his schedule that he couldn’t meet his five-month-old son, Abhir. But his spectacular win now ends the long wait for the father-son duo who hasn’t met since Abhir was born.

All the best Manjit Singh for your future achievements.

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Manjit Singh, got a Gold medal in the Men’s 800m at Jakarta

Manjit Singh, got a Gold medal in the Men’s 800m at Jakarta

As 28-year-old Manjit Singh ran his way to win the gold medal in men’s 800-m final, edging out compatriot Jonson Johnson, in Asian Games in Jakarta.  Manjit Singh, an unheralded runner from Haryana doesn’t even have a national gold to his credit.  Manjit was not a much-talked-about medal prospect in the build-up to the Asian Games. Singh’s wife Kiran Devi was showing their five-month-old son Abhir the medal ceremony on television at their home at Narwana near Jind.

While Manjit’s father Randhir Singh Chahal would compete in the discus throw and shot put events in master categories in their native village of Ujhana, where he has a 30-acre farm apart from a dairy in their home in Narwana, a young Manjit would often go the local stadium in Narwana for running.

In 2015, Singh shifted base to Bareilly to train under coach Amrish Kumar, who worked in Indian Army and trained athletes at Jat Regiment Centre. Singh won the silver medal in Federation Cup the same year apart from winning a silver medal in nationals in 2016 and 2017. This year saw Singh reaching his personal best mark of one minute and 46.24 seconds in nationals in Guwahati and coach Kumar believes that the three years of training without job motivated the athlete.

Manjit Singh snatched the gold from Jinson Johnson with a personal best of 1:46:15 Sec.

What a run!!! He had to come from the 4th position to win gold in the last 50 meters.  He was simply sensational.  Congratulations to Manjit Singh.

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