First Kannada talkie – Sathi Sulochana turns 85

First Kannada talkie – Sathi Sulochana turns 85

First Kannada talkie movie Sathi Sulochana turns 85 tomorrow (3rd March).  Sati Sulochana was released at Kalasipalyam Paramount Cinema (Daddanna Hall) on March 4th 1934.  Sadly archivists have not been able to find a copy or a print of this historical movie.

The duration of the movie is 173 minutes and had 30 songs.  People came to Bengaluru in bullet carts carrying food and water to watch this movie from nearby towns and villages.

Sati Sulochana – First Kannada talkie :

Sati Sulochana is an 1934 Kannada film directed by Y.V.Rao. The film was released on 3 March 1934 and is the first talkie film in Kannada language.  It is also the first film to be screened in the erstwhile Mysore Kingdom.

Background of the first Kannada talkie :

The producer of the film was a Marwari businessman from Bengaluru (a native of Ahore, Jalore District  of Rajasthan) named Shah Chamanlal Doongaji.

He started a film production company in Bengaluru  called South India Movietone in 1932. The first Kannada talkie was made at a cost of Rs.40,000.

He decided to make a mythological movie called Sati Sulochana involving characters from the Ramayana like Ravana, Indrajit (Ravana’s son), Ravana’s wife Mandodari and Indrajit’s wife Sulochana.

Cast of the first Kannada talkie movie :

He engaged Yaragudipati Varada Rao to direct the film as well as play a character, that of Lakshman. Bellave Narahari Shastri wrote the screenplay, dialogues and lyrics.

Nagendra Rao, who had previous exposure to films, was selected to play the role of Ravana and was given an additional role of production management. 

M. V. Subbaiah Naidu was selected to play the lead role of  Indrajit and two ladies; Lakshmi Bai and Thripuramaba were selected to play the roles of Mandodari and Sulochana respectively.

Kannada talkie movie Production :

The shooting of the film was at chatrapathi Studio in Kolhapur.  The shooting started in December 1933 and took 2 months to complete.  The entire kannada talkie movie was done in natural sunlight and by man-made reflectors.

 Being the first Kannada talkie film, it ran house-full at Bangalore for six weeks.  A review of the fir Kannada talkie movie appeared in Vishwa Karnataka, a popular Kannada newspaper of the time.

Conclusion :

When one looks back it seems a long way.  Since Sati Sulochana the first Kannada talkie movie, Sandanwood have come a long way.  Now about 200 films are produced in Kannada every year. 

The Kannada film industry owes much to the first Kannada Talkie Movie Sati Sulochana which has opened the way for kannada movies.

KGF – Chapter 1  –  heading for a century

KGF – Chapter 1 – heading for a century

KGF – Chapter 1 is heading to complete 100 days.  The movie won accolades for the most popular kannada film of the year at BIFFES 2019.

The movie is rocking at the box office.  

KGF – Chapter 1 – success :

The movie became the first kannads film to be shown on Amazon Prime and Netflix.  KGF has made its presence felt on the national scene.  It has been dubbed into many language.  The mocive has reached the global audience with subtitles.

Other places – KFG – Chapter 1:

Released on December 21 last year, Yash starrer KGF – Chapter 1 broke all barriers and turned out to be a monster success at the box office. KGF: Chapter 1  became the first Kannada film to release in Pakistan and became a huge success there as well.

At the North India box office, the movie made over Rs 45 crore, while its worldwide tally until its 50-day run was more than Rs 243 crore. 

KGF – chapter 1 impact :

Yash has sprung a huge surprise with the release of  ‘KGF – Chapter 1’, and its success has ushered  in new changes in the Kannada film industry. The movie has brought the spotlight back on films in other languages to be dubbed into Kannada

With Netflix and amazon prime showing latest release, it is surprising to see a movie heading towards 100 days.

General Opinion on KGF – Chapter 1 :

When a movie exceeds expectations, the reasons for its success vary. The same principle applied to KGF – Chapter 1.   Chapter 1 was touted as the most expensive Kannada film ever and it was expected to garner a humongous response at the sandalwood  box office.

When the producers declared that it will be dubbed into 4 languages, most people were  sceptical about it. Kannada films have been sporadically released outside the state, and even then, they were hardly noticed. An occasional movie would recover the investment, but bigger box office success was still elusive.

KGF – Chapter 1 narrated a story with a universal appeal: a hero, or in this case, an anti-hero, emerging as a saviour of the people. The trope is familiar and clinched, but the trick is to present it in a new, shiny bottle. The opinion of critics and audience may differ on the story narration and character development, but everyone was unanimous in praising the movie’s cinematography and background score.

Other kannada movies which has gone for a century in recent years are:

  1.  Tagaru is a kannada movie featuring Shivarajkumar and Bhavana directed by Duniya soori and produced by K.P.Srikanth
  2. Ayogya featuring Satish and Rachita ram, diected by S.Mahesh Kumar and Produced by T.R.Chandrashekar
  3. Rambo 2 featuring Sharan and Ashika Ranganath, directed by Anil Kumar and directed by Sharan and Atlanta Nagendra.
  4. Sarkari Hi.Pra.Shaale, Kasaragodu featuring Ananth nag and Ramesh Bhat Directed and Produced by Rishab Shetty.
  5. Chamak featuring Ganesh and Rashmika Mandanna, Directed by Suni and produced by T.R.Chandrashekar.
  6. The Villain featuring Shiva Rajkumar, Sundeep and Amy Jackson directed by Prem and produced by C.R.Manohar.
  7. Ambi ning vayasayethu featuring Ambareesh, Sudeep and Shruthi Hariharan, Directed by Gurudattha and produced by Jack Manju along with Sudeep.  This movie was the last movie of Actor Ambareesh.
Kannada Actor Arjun Sarja files a defamation case against Shruthi Hariharan for Rs.5 crore

Kannada Actor Arjun Sarja files a defamation case against Shruthi Hariharan for Rs.5 crore

An FIR has been lodged against Shruthi Hariharan with the Cyber Crime Police by Kannada actor Arjun Sarja.

Prior to the Case lodge, both the parties met at the Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce.  The big names from Kannada film industry known as Sandalwood tried to resolve the matter but failed to come to any conclusions after 2 hours.   Arjun said in the meeting that there will not be any compromise from his side.  He is proceeding with filing a case against Shruti because everybody, even the king, is under the law.

Shruthi Hariharan had leveled charges of sexual harassment against Arjun Sarja in a long Facebook post.

Sruthi Hariharan had alleged that Arjun Sarja had behaved inappropriately with her during the filming of a song some years ago. Arjun Sarja has denied the allgation.e

The matter is far from over as the Kannada film industry still stands divided on it. Both actors have received support and criticism from the industry and online. According to Shruti, a defamation case is a civil case and the only counter that she would need to file is a criminal case under the Sexual Harassment Act.  Watch this space for more updates

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