Yediyur lake – Boating

Yediyur lake – Boating

Yediyur lake has launched boat service for citizens of Bengaluru.

Yediyur lake is said to be dating back to the Hoysala period near Basavanagudi, is a serene oasis that’s popular with joggers and bird watchers.

History of Yediyur lake:

Yediyur lake is Believed to be one of the oldest lakes in Bengaluru city. The Lake sits at the edge of Basavanagudi.  It is easily accessible via the arterial Kanakapura Road.  Yediyur Lake exists from the days of the Hoysala kings — that’s about 1,400 years ago. It’s one of the last standing lakes in the city and is popular with the locals.

To enjoy the pleasantness of the lake, drive down for a jog or a leisurely stroll around the lake. Our very own BBMP has built a jogging track around the lake. And it is shaded by lofty trees and lined with numerous plants. When your feet are tired you can rest on one of the park benches and gaze at the calming waters of the lake.

Birds at Yediyur lake

The Lake is a hotbed for birds. The lake water attracts a variety of birds throughout the year. One can spot everything from waddling ducks to Black Winged Kites, Asian Koels, Jacanas, Mottled Wood Owls, Spotted Doves, and kingfishers.

Turn your binoculars to the trees to catch a glimpse of these winged beauties or you can park yourself at the small jetty, on the lake, to see them fly across the waters.

Boating at Yediyur lake:

The boating facility is a recent addition to the lake.  The ride is for 30 minutes at a cost of Rs.50/-.  Only pedal boats will operate at Yediyur lake.  This is to prevent pollution.  Motorboats may cause diesel leakage thereby harming aquatic life.

Boating at yediyur lake

Yediyur lake was taken up for restoration by BBMP in 2017.  The amount spent on the restoration work is Rs.1.2 crore.

Yediyur lake promises some solitude moments in nature’s lap, away from the bustle of a city life.  This hidden treasure is a favorite picnic for people who know this place and that is a blessing in disguise as one won’t find many people around when visiting this place.

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