Life Imprisonment – SIT files a report – Supreme Court

Life Imprisonment punishment if the report filed by the SIT with the Supreme court proves.

The SIT has filed a report in the Supreme Court concerning Chief Minister H.D.Kumaraswamy and Yeddyyurappa. If proved, attracts life imprisonment.

The investigation by the Lokayukta SIT of Chief Minister Kumara Swamy may result in punishment with life imprisonment.

58 cases are pending against Members of Legislative Assembly.  These cases are on the basis of the SIT constituted by Lokayukta.

Out of these 58 cases, 34 cases belongs to 9 sitting MLA’s and 24 cases against 6 former MLA’s.

Kumara Swamy face criminal charges ranging from forgery to causing death by negligence. Former Chief Minister and BJP Leader B.S.Yeddyurappa is facing investigation in 18 cases.

SIT Report

  1. 58 cases pending against MLA’s.
  2. 18 cases against Mr. Yeddyurappa out of which 14 cases – life imprisonment,  4 cases   – 10 year jail term
  1. 9 cases against mining baron Mr. G. Janardhana Reddy Former MLC.  Out of which 8 cases –  Life imprisonment  out of which 6 cases are awaiting final report and pending investigation.  1 case   – 7 years imprisonment
  1. 8 cases are against Mr. S.K.Sali, former MLA.  All these cases are punishable with life imprisonment.  These 8 cases were registered during 2012 and 2014.  The cases are stayed by the High Court.
  2. FIR against Mr. H.D. Kumara Swamy with SIT on 16.05.2017 for offence punishable with life imprisonment is awaiting.
  3. 5 cases against M.B. Nagendra, MLA. These cases were registered during 2014 and 2015.  Stay by High court.
  4. 14 cases against C.P .Yogeshwar, former MLA. 5 cases are punishable with life imprisonment.
  5. 9 cases against Mr. N.P. Anand Kumar, MLA. 7 cases are punishable with life imprisonment. The cases were registered during 2014 and 2015.  8 cases are stayed by the High Court.

Total cases in Karnataka

  1. 80 sessions Trial cases against sitting and former legislators.
  2. 4 cases are against sitting MP’s.
  3. 2 cases are against former MP’s
  4. 95 cases against sitting MLA’s
  5. 60 cases against former MLA’s


ICC Women’s World Cup T20:

ICC Women’s World Cup T20:

ICC Women’s World Cup T20I champion match-  India will open against New Zealand on 09.10.2018 at Guyana in the West Indies. The Indian eves, who will be led by skipper Harmapnreet Singh, will be dependent on their solid batting line-up comprising of the captain herself, along with Mithali Raj and Smriti Mandhana, to give them a solid start in the tournament.

ICC Women’s world cup – India

India will also look to bank on their spinning bowlers, who appear to be thriving under the newly-appointed head coach Ramesh Powar. Against England, right-arm spinner Poonam Yadav took three wickets, while Radha Yadav and Deepti Sharma took two wickets each to restrict England at 133 for 8 in 20 overs.  Powar expressed his happiness on the bowling performance after the warm-up game.

The structure of the competition is simple – the 10 teams are divided into two round-robin groups of five, with two teams from each group qualifying for the semi-finals.

Group A :

England – Captain: Heather Knight, coach: Mark Robinson WWT20 Best Winner (2009).

South Africa – Captain: Dane Van Niekerk, Coach: Hilton Moreeng WWT20 best semi-final (2014)

Sri Lanka – Captain : Chemani Atapattu Coach : Harsha de Silva WWT20 Best Group (2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016)

West Indies – Captain: Stafanie Taylor, Coach :  Henderson Springer WWT20 Best Winner (2016)

Bangladesh – Captain: Salma Khatun, Coach : Anju Jain WWT20 best group (2014,2016)

Group B

Australia – Captain : Meg Lanning Coach: Matthew Mott WWT20 Best winner (2010,2012,2014)

India – Captain : Harmanpreet Kaur, Coach : Ramesh Power WWT20 best Semi-final (2009,2010)

New Zealand – Captain Amy Satterthwaite, Coach: Haidee Tiffen WWT20 Best Runner-up (2009,2010)

Pakistan – Captain : Jeveria Khan Coach: Mark Coles WWT20 best group (2009,2010,2012,2015,2016)

Ireland – Captain : Laura Delany, Coach : Aaron Hamilton WWT20 best group (2014,2016)

A win against the Kiwis in the opening match, who reached the semifinal stage in the previous edition of the Women’s T20 World Cup in 2016, will boost the confidence of the young Indian side.

We from wish the team best of luck.

End of parking crisis at  Kidwai Memorial hospital

End of parking crisis at Kidwai Memorial hospital

End of parking crisis at Kidwai Memorial Hospital is going to be a reality.  As the BBMP had proposed for the construction of Multi-level parking complex at the premises of Kidwai Memorial Hospital in 2017.

Kidwai memorial hospital

Established in 1973, Kidwai is the premier state-run cancer hospital in Karnataka and sees thousands of patients and their attendants every day. Kidwai Hospital has been one of the major hubs along the diary circle junction and thousands visit the hospital everyday.  The 3 storey parking puts an end to parking of vehicles in front of the hospital and the extortion by private parking mafia.

Parking place at Kidwai hospital

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has invited bids for building another multi-level parking complex at the hospital.

The three-storey complex will cost Rs 14 crore to build and will accommodate 150 cars and 100 two-wheelers. The project was sanctioned in the BBMP’s 2017-18 budget.

The parking complex will replace an old structure which is located behind the main building but is within the hospital’s larger compound

Bengalurean demonstrates ‘autonomous’ helicopter drone flight

Bengalurean demonstrates ‘autonomous’ helicopter drone flight

Flying a full-fledged ‘helicopter’ to fly autonomously is among the toughest task in the unmanned aerial vehicle business. Bengaluru-based drone specialist, Mr. Adarsh.  N. has cracked the code, thus by becoming India’s first private individual to do it.

At a field on the city’s outskirts, Adarsh’s 4 Kg. ‘Thunder Tiger Raptor 50’ helicopter drone took off smoothly, followed a predefined flight path and landed precisely at a spot earmarked.

Autonomous drone

The entire operation was not remote controlled but was in autonomous mode.   The duration of the flight was short but the range could have been extended up to 40 minutes by equipping the aircraft with an additional fuel tank.  The autonomous flight achieved an altitude of 35 meters.  The drone was powered by flow fuel (a mix of methanol, nitromethane and oil).

Using a software, the way points of the drone were marked out. The path was a rectangular path, complete with the points where the copter changed direction and landing spots, all tracked from a ground control station.

Autonomous drone using technology

The software interface gives a full, real-time information on the flight, tracked on a map. The speed, altitude and duration were all present in the interface.  The range of the drone was restricted only by the helicopter size and fuel capacity.

Several Bengaluru-based DRDO laboratories and state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), are currently in research mode to perfect the autonomous helicopter flight. But the drone choppers are of a heavier build, 10 kg and upwards.

Perfecting the ‘autonomous’ flight in the copter mode could potentially revolutionize management of disasters, traffic and fire safety, besides reconnaissance in military operations. Remote-controlled drones are limited by sight. Autonomous drones can  go anywhere, depending on the fuel capacity.  They could be designed to hover above a particular traffic junction relaying critical data in multimedia or drop inflatable floats to drowning victims.

Black Pearl Restaurant (Pirate restaurant) at Koramangala.

Black Pearl Restaurant (Pirate restaurant) at Koramangala.

Want to experience the inimitable aura of Pirates and their unique lifestyle on the sea and on land in Bengaluru?  Then head towards Koramangala to visit Black Pearl restaurant. Located in the prime area of 5th Block Koramangala near Vikas Tech Park at Jyoti Nivas College Road, this restaurant has an exclusive ambiance. It is a Novelty bar and grill restaurant named after the infamous pirate ship serving international food. The moment you enter the restaurant you will be mesmerized by its matchless concept of life on a pirate ship extending to the entire dining area. You can enjoy breezy and rejuvenating rooftop ambiance where you can feel as if you are on the front deck of a ship. Strains of popular music played by the live band throughout the evening

This biggest pirate theme restaurant in India offers delectable Caribbean, Mediterranean, North-Indian, Barbeque, and European Cuisine.  The Black Pearl is a perfect dining place for all ages and serves a wide spread of buffet lunch and dinner on all days of the week. The buffet is a fine blend of Indian and Chinese cuisine. The lavish buffet spread covers more than five courses.

Friendly waiters and efficient service help to give the diners a unique and complete dining experience. Live music and an excellent ambiance make The Black Pearl an unparalleled dining restaurant in namma Bengaluru.

To avoid waiting for the book in advance to have leisurely food.
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The Bengaluru City Traffic Police  is a specialized unit of the Bengaluru City Police responsible for overseeing and enforcing traffic safety on city roads as well as managing the flow of traffic in the city of Bengaluru.   The Commissioner of Police is the overall operational leader of the force, but the Force is normally managed by the Additional Commissioner of Police on behalf of the Commissioner.

In Benglauru a traffic wing became a necessary in 1930’s.  The Inspector General of the then time General Hamilton is responsible for  the formation of Traffic police wing in Bengaluru and the first headquarters was at Halasur (Ulsoor) gate.

The Facebook page of Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) has been ranked among top three FD pages of traffic police of various states in the country.  The BTP page was initiated on April 10, 2011 by Praveed Sood and MA Saleem, two additional commissioners of traffic.

The page gained popularity thereafter.  In the beginning the page was restricted to discuss on traffic issues.  Later issues like traffic diversion, introduction of new one-ways and VIP movements gained momentum.

The BTP page was ranked by Face book for being the most interactive in 2017.  BTP have been using social media effectively for some time.  This award is a testament to the active engagement between the citizens of Bengaluru and the traffic police.


‘AIR Quality’ Premji urges KDK to lead the project

Bengaluru Air Quality is Worst and getting no better

Wipro and Azim Premji Foundation (APF) are working with other large corporations to put together the AIR Pollution platform. Premji believes can help the government, citizens and other stakeholders to address air pollution that he termed as ‘a Silent Killer’.

Letter to Chief Minister from APF stated “ I am of the definite view that the success of this effort will completely depend on your government playing the central role. I would like to heat your views and seek your support and leadership in steering this joint effort.”

In reply, Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy appointed additional chief secretary, first, ecology and environment as the nodal officer for this initiative.

Premji also brought notice of Work on the 7.5 – km stretch of Sarjapur Road was causing inconvenience to people who work here, HDK asked concerned Officials to complete the work in four Months.

We will commit to get you updates on AIR Quality project for Namma Bengaluru.



Theaters these days make most of their revenue from food.

There is no legal or statutory provision to prohibit one to carry personal food and water to cinema.  This is a rule flouted by cinema halls having their own stalls for food and beverages. The reason, of course, is that the theatre wants people to buy their expensive food.  Most theatres do not make money from ticket sales alone.  They make money from selling food and drinks. As a result they don’t allow people to bring food and drinks in. The theater owners charge exuberantly for edible items sold inside.  The way in which movie theatres conduct their food business is a form of racketeering, which is very much a crime. Buying something to eat in theatre will definitely burns a hole in the pocket.  It is something like offering of dishonest service to solve a problem that wouldn’t exist if not for the actions of the entity offering.

A theatre is not a cinema that sells popcorn but it is a popcorn stand that shows cinemas.  Money cannot be made by showing movies but a lot of money can be made by selling popcorn for a bucket  at Rs.370-380 instead of  Rs.25-30 a bucket.  The theatre makes more money by selling popcorn and candy, so they try to establish a monopoly on movie snacks by banning outside food and drink.

The restrictions particularly affect old people and those who due to health issues cannot eat outside food. As long as one doesn’t leave wrappers and bottles behind for the cleaners to pick up, and as long as one respects and cleans-up after, it is okay to carry food into a theatre.  One has to make sure that the food being carried in would not cause any unnecessary problems for other visitors or the staff.  Food with thick stenches should be avoided.