Life Imprisonment – SIT files a report – Supreme Court

Life Imprisonment punishment if the report filed by the SIT with the Supreme court proves.

The SIT has filed a report in the Supreme Court concerning Chief Minister H.D.Kumaraswamy and Yeddyyurappa. If proved, attracts life imprisonment.

The investigation by the Lokayukta SIT of Chief Minister Kumara Swamy may result in punishment with life imprisonment.

58 cases are pending against Members of Legislative Assembly.  These cases are on the basis of the SIT constituted by Lokayukta.

Out of these 58 cases, 34 cases belongs to 9 sitting MLA’s and 24 cases against 6 former MLA’s.

Kumara Swamy face criminal charges ranging from forgery to causing death by negligence. Former Chief Minister and BJP Leader B.S.Yeddyurappa is facing investigation in 18 cases.

SIT Report

  1. 58 cases pending against MLA’s.
  2. 18 cases against Mr. Yeddyurappa out of which 14 cases – life imprisonment,  4 cases   – 10 year jail term
  1. 9 cases against mining baron Mr. G. Janardhana Reddy Former MLC.  Out of which 8 cases –  Life imprisonment  out of which 6 cases are awaiting final report and pending investigation.  1 case   – 7 years imprisonment
  1. 8 cases are against Mr. S.K.Sali, former MLA.  All these cases are punishable with life imprisonment.  These 8 cases were registered during 2012 and 2014.  The cases are stayed by the High Court.
  2. FIR against Mr. H.D. Kumara Swamy with SIT on 16.05.2017 for offence punishable with life imprisonment is awaiting.
  3. 5 cases against M.B. Nagendra, MLA. These cases were registered during 2014 and 2015.  Stay by High court.
  4. 14 cases against C.P .Yogeshwar, former MLA. 5 cases are punishable with life imprisonment.
  5. 9 cases against Mr. N.P. Anand Kumar, MLA. 7 cases are punishable with life imprisonment. The cases were registered during 2014 and 2015.  8 cases are stayed by the High Court.

Total cases in Karnataka

  1. 80 sessions Trial cases against sitting and former legislators.
  2. 4 cases are against sitting MP’s.
  3. 2 cases are against former MP’s
  4. 95 cases against sitting MLA’s
  5. 60 cases against former MLA’s


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